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My Tips Living in Houston Area - 9/8/2016
I live in a gated subdivision of Oakhurst in Kingwood area surrounded by woods. Outdoor air quality is very good. I bought dehumidifier units to keep my indoor humidity around 60% and the AC temperature 79 degree in the summer. Also, I put high quality air filters in my AC unit and use HEPA air purifier if necessary.

Since my house is build into a rectangular shape, I arranged my furniture to allow me walk inside the house with each lap of about 70 feet.

My wife and I take HWY 59 to museum district are to enjoy excellent restaurants, see friends, and visit museums. The traffics are generally very good in weekends. As soon as we pass south of Beltway 8 as well as walking along the streets of Houston, I put on a medical mask to filter out the dirty air either coming from the cars or the refinery complex of Deer Park area.

New COSTCO and a Marketplace Kroger have opened recently in my neighborhood. Actually a few restaurants around my area are also Read More

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Fall Creek, Humble not to be overlooked - 5/12/2015
Ralph Bivins of the Houston Chronicle said that Fall Creek had "one of the shortest downtown commutes among any of the master-planned communities started in the last two or three years."[1] The development companies estimate the travel time between Fall Creek and Bush Airport to be eight minutes.[4] Bivins said in 2001 that Fall Creek, then in development, would be closer in proximity to Downtown than Atascocita and Kingwood. This masterplanned community which also houses a PGA golf course is an amazingly beautiful community with lush landscaping and unlimited activities for families and empty nesters. It is definately worth the look considering it's price per square foot on some of the most beautiful homes in Read More

Kingwood, for families - 3/19/2014
Kingwood is a funny, quaint little town. Having lived all over the country, I give an honest and thorough comparative review. The school system is rather average, I suggest enrolling your children in private school if possible. The houses however, are extremely affordable. While it isn't exactly a dreamland, life in Kingwood is much less expensive than other places. I would describe the feel of it as your typical suburban family town, and if that's the thing you're into, then it's perfect for you. However, if you're someone who's more adventurous and don't possess a retroactive mindset, I'm going to be honest in saying this is not the place for you. Not too much ever really happens in this town, there is a nice, nearby lake though. Also, you're close to Galveston, which while being notoriously known as "dirty", it actually does have its own charm. Another upside is that the country club is easy to get into, it's nothing like the over-prestigious Dallas country club or other famous Read More

Reply to comment made by John on or about 2007 - 12/24/2013
Hahahahaha, John, John, John I moved here from california in 2006 and I will never be a Texan nor will I "learn your ways" backwards for me. However if you wish to join the 21 century please let me Read More

HUFFMAN!!! - 4/17/2013
This is supposed to be about Huffman, but when i looked for which city it wsnt there but humble is close enough i guess. I just want to say that someone should put the entire history of huffman up here, and for christ's sake!!! PUT HUFFMAN IN THE LIST OF Read More

7 years living here - 6/3/2012
I have seen Kingwood decline since we moved here in 2005. Kingwood schools are still the best in Humble ISD. However,the percentage of "free and reduced lunch" children are increasing~which could be possible due to the economy. Kingwood schools still have the highest state scores in the district. However, they are declining every year. The property taxes are high for poor kept roads and services. Kingwood was annexed into the city of Houston several years ago and the city services have declined since then.We see less policemen now than back in 2005. Since living here, I have developed severe asthma and have had to "watch" for ozone days to figure out when I can go outside. I stay mainly inside because of it. Kingwood does have parks and bike trails to enjoy~but, there has been some crime reported on the trails. I have noticed more and more houses for "rent" and the house across the street actually rents out individual rooms. I would have to say that my quality of life has Read More

Houston - 11/1/2011
nice calm -area with a strong law-enforcement presence and friendly Read More

Kingwood, Texas - 6/13/2008
Kingwood was not included in your list of cities in Texas. We are separate from Humble in many aspects. Kingwood is a planned community with beautiful trees and miles of nature trails. It is separated physically from Humble by the San Janucinto River. Kingwood is a community that feels like a small town. We have a town center and business that contribute greatly to the community. Crime is low and usually created by people from surrounding communities. We are about 35 miles from downtown Houston and surrounded by lakes and nature areas. It is a wonderful place to raise a family and still get the excitement of a large metro Read More

nothing - 9/12/2007
I think it is a great place to Read More

NIce, cheap and quiet - 5/11/2007
I don;t live in Humble. I live next door in Kingwood, but it's not listed.

I love Kingwood and have for 21 years. Lots of trees (the livable forest is its nick name) and it has great schools, lot's to do (the Kingwood College Orchestra is at the Montreau Jazz Fest this year), and near Houston, the greatest cultural secret in the US.

I live in a $260,000 home that would cost over $1,000,000 in Boston, NY, LA, or even Nashua NH.

We have the cheapest gasoline because we make it here. We are near the beach, 600 miles of coast, and have hills and lakes within two hours of us.

Medical care is the best in the US with St Lukes, MD Anderson, Texas Childrens and The Galveston Burn Center.

We have the 2nd highest number of theater seats in the US after NYC and many Broadway shows run here first. Tyhe Opera is 2nd to none and our Museums feature many exclusives you do not see in places like Boston or LA.

Our Read More

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20211 Pinehurst Trail Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

5454 Deer Timbers Trl
Bed 3 | Bath 2

113 S Houston Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

7106 Vermejo Park Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

18303 Post Oak View Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 3

6907 Atasca Creek Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

8518 Old Maple Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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