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Killeen, Texas Reviews

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Get to know Killeen with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Killeen

Broken dreams - 11/7/2019
Having a low cost of living does not mean MOVE HERE! It should be a warning sign for what is wrong with this place. has Temple included with this assessment. I would agree that Temple is a nice area, but the areas nearby are not great. Im talking about Killeen/Harker Heights, and Coperras Cove. They have crime issues, no housing appreciation.

I have been here 10 years. Still waiting for it to slighly gain with the national average. Do I appreciate the lower cost of living, yes... But when will it even increase for the Read More

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Welcome to the Great Place II - 11/1/2019
Our family moved here from Ft Worth looking for a smaller city, slower pace, and friendlier people. Plus we wanted to be near to an active military base that serviced veterans. Boy did we get it all- in spades! People here complain about crime. They don't know what crime is! People here, overall, are quite friendly and helpful. There is a homeless population but its NOTHING compared with what we had in Ft Worth! I love Killeen and hope to never have to Read More

I've lived in Killeen since 1998 when I was assigned here in the Army and loved it so much me and my wife decided to retire here from the Army in 2001. My wife likes the large community of her fellow Koreans here with a big Korean supermarket especially. Before we started collecting Social Security and Medicare having commissaries and all the Army medical facilities like the pharmacy where we still get all our drugs for free are also a big plus for retirees along with Olympic sized swimming pool on base I've used from time to time. The low cost of living though is hard to beat. My sister and her teenage daughter just moved here from Dallas where they were paying twice the rent for a smaller apartment with no yard like they have here. As an RN she got a job here at the local civilian hospital here pretty fast and loves it. I grew up in one of the wealthiest suburbs in Connecticut but I'd have to be crazy to try to live there on a military pension with the housing costs there so Read More

NO, not for me. Texas was not for me either. - 1/22/2018
I really did not like Texas. I am a sensitive person, trying to honestly (honestly) rebuild my life after tragedy a few years ago.

And Texas was so "in your face" about everything! I just hated the attitude and thought I would never make it out!

Its so big - took me FOREVER to get out of the State. That was anxiety producing for me.

Killeen was high crime. Texas driving an traffic itself was an experience. I got used to it, but never liked it.

A lot of problems happened to keep me from settling in. But the high crime and things that I saw, made me give it up.

I wasn't treated too badly really. I will give it that. If I ever did go back (which I won't), I would do a number of things differently.

Live and learn. I stayed in some temporary housing and found out a Prostitution ring was being run out of it!

OY! I was out of there in a flash!

So, I think there are better places Read More

Enjoying Killeen So Far - 2/10/2017
To be honest, I was in shock especially at the traffic and driving when I first arrived.

But, in time I met some friendly, great people - and to me, as a single lady, that makes up 85% of my satisfaction with an area.

Killeen is busy at times. I find navigation difficult. But I have caught on a lot in just a couple of weeks.

I am looking for work and have had a couple of interviews. However, even that is pretty good and the managers I interviewed with were impressive. I was mostly happy with my interviews.

I think I could be happy in the area with 2 provisions: That I find good work (and I'm working on it), and I find some country areas to hike in when I just need a break from the rat race.

Otherwise I so far cannot say enough for Texas as a State - it is the happiest State -and yes, friendliest State I've so far been in.

My disclaimer is that I have only been here 2 weeks so far.

The other Read More

MILITARY - 8/4/2015
The thing that makes Killeen great is the sense of camaraderie; this is a military base city, whereas every 2 out of 5 people are military affiliated via spouse or Service Member. The crime rate is very low and traffic is not bad; with the exclusion of construction. The city is really developing in multiple areas such as business and real estate wise and therefore will grow the city.
Unfortunately, I like bigger cities with more social activity whereas I don't have to wait for an event to come around; for example, a comedy show. I would have to drive to Austin or surrounding areas of an hour or more.  Read More

Opinion about Killeen, TX - 6/16/2014
I have lived in Killeen since 1994. It is the last place we thought we would live after retiring from the Army. However, we have discovered that Killeen should not be compared to a metropolitan area nor should it be compared to other places we have lived. Instead, we choose to look at the positive aspects of this community. Every community has its challenges but when you look at the cost of living, access to military benefits, competitive jobs, proximity to metro areas etc, it's a nice place to live. We've lived in better places and we've lived in worse places. It's all about what you make of it and we have embraced the area. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but if you focus on the positive assets of this community, you'll find it's better than the negative things you read and hear about in the Read More

too many hoods - 7/26/2012
way too many out of town hoods. relatives come here with their soldier relatives and immediately resume break ins car thefts, rapes DOPE just like they were doing in whatever ghetto they came is for the most part, 1 race doing most of the crime. not nearly enough Read More

trashy, very poor quality of life... - 4/21/2012
KIlleen is a crime infested area, the cost of living calculator online is grossly underestimated the costs unless you life in a project, ( realistically add 30% ) if you want to live in a "safe" area. Lots of traffic problems, crime everywhere, little entertainment, few parks, no dog parks.  Read More

a trashy town - 2/14/2012
We have had to live in killeen for about 4 years now and although there are some nice looking areas, the people here make it not so nice. In our first apartment, we had 3 break in attempts, one while we were home. We also liked to say that we enjoyed watching cops when we got bored...and then we went inside and turned on the tv after we got bored of that. But in all neighborhoods, there is always some hoodlum going through the trash, stealing your mail, breaking into cars, getting dv calls, or calls about drunk drivers. Anybody who says they never see this in killeen can afford to pay extra in rent per month to live in what I'd consider decent housing. The rest of Killeen is just projects. If you dont have to move here, Read More

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