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NO, not for me. Texas was not for me either.
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
I really did not like Texas. I am a sensitive person, trying to honestly (honestly) rebuild my life after tragedy a few years ago.

And Texas was so "in your face" about everything! I just hated the attitude and thought I would never make it out!

Its so big - took me FOREVER to get out of the State. That was anxiety producing for me.

Killeen was high crime. Texas driving an traffic itself was an experience. I got used to it, but never liked it.

A lot of problems happened to keep me from settling in. But the high crime and things that I saw, made me give it up.

I wasn't treated too badly really. I will give it that. If I ever did go back (which I won't), I would do a number of things differently.

Live and learn. I stayed in some temporary housing and found out a Prostitution ring was being run out of it!

OY! I was out of there in a flash!

So, I think there are better places in Texas ( so I have been told).

But I just didn't care for it. I'm a small town gal too and all the mega cities around just weren't pleasing to me.

Humidity I did not mind, but did not stay for summer (which I was told was just oppressive).

Best thing I liked were flowers in February (got a kick out of that!). And on Sunday mornings, you got up, it was really quiet - not many people out. And many times the humidity was so that you could feel and smell it - and I liked it.

It had this feel that I can't explain - and then the plants were weird to me and looked like Mars - and I did enjoy that!

I told somebody the first tarantula I saw - I would be gone in a flash! I never saw one (thank God!).

But I just did not care for Texas. On my way out, I stopped over in Waco, and heard a disabled boy was beaten to death for picking up a paycheck - and I thought what a horrible thing that was!

Can't stay anyplace like that.

Oh, one plus: I am not Baptist at all (but was Roman Catholic) but the Catholics were just mean to me (I am serious - really). So I attended an African American Baptist Church there. Could those folks sing! And they said "Honey, you just come on in here with us! Sweet! I want to say that as a big positive!

Oh one more positive: I had the BEST ITALIAN food ever there! Italian - really - excellent!
Brenda | Wichita, KS
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