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A good place to raise kids, but.... - 11/28/2018
I logged into this site because my husband and I are ready to leave Plano and I wanted to compare statistics to some other areas. I think many of the points made in other reviews are still salient even thought the last review I saw was about 4 years ago. I have lived here for 18 years.
1) It IS a great place to raise kids. The schools are good and every activity to which you might want to expose your kids is available in a nearby radius. I read in one review that the high schools here are harder than the freshman year of college and I can attest to the fact that my youngest son, who is a sophomore at a major public Texas university, made that statement just the other day. He specifically said that his freshman year at college was easier than high school. The Plano schools are more exacting even than nearby suburbs. For example, the Plano schools require comprehensive finals - other surrounding school districts do not have this policy. The schools are also Read More

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We Are Considering Moving to Plano, TX - 12/3/2015
We would like your honest opinion.

1. Are people really braggy "Christians" in Plano,TX?
2. Are taxes really as high or close to what you pay for your mortgage?
3. If you're not Caucasian are you treated with disregard?

These are the only questions we have for now. Just asking due to some of the reviews we've read about Read More

Best Place to Live - 2/14/2015
Plano has everything! And everything is close. Jobs are plentiful and growing, schools are very good, cost of living is great, and a safe place to live. Would recommend anyone consider Plano,TX as a great place to live and raise a Read More

Unique type of religious behavior.... - 1/12/2015
I moved here 5 years ago from west of Chicago, before that-northern Indiana. Work is in north Dallas, live in south Plano, (middle-class older ranch homes.) I thought we were pretty conservative in the Midwest, boy was I wrong. We are actually pretty liberal compared to the locals here. Let me share my positives about the area: great highways-like racetracks, clean, restaurants galore, real estate affordable-closer to Indiana prices, wages in my industry comparable to Chicago, low crime-not even a concern. The negatives for me: weird sort of prideful, in-your-face, rich, snooty, bragging, "christianity." Good works or volunteering must be broadcast! Never have I experienced anything like it. I work in a dental office. Barely will I have said two sentences to someone before they start dropping phrases like: my pastor said..., at bible study..., I was just praying about..., I go to(fill in the blank...Baptist church), and etc. etc. Once a Bruno Mars song came on and the person said: Read More

Plano - 8/23/2014
Plano has everything you could ever want or need in a place to Read More

demographics - 8/16/2014
I moved to Plano 15 years ago and loved it. However, the demographics have changed drastically. If you are Indian you will love it. If not, you will be a minority, period. I am not saying this is good or bad, just stating facts. Plano has the largest population of Indians, percentage wise than any other city in the country.
The majority of the city is showing its age, the main areas that are nice are west of the Tollway.
Where I used to shop for books, there is now a Condom Sense store and an Oriental Massage next door and a large bar across the street.  Read More

GOP Ground Zero - 7/14/2014
Plano Texas is an excellent place to live in most respects, especially if conservative GOP politics is your preference. Gun-toting, homophobic Creationists are the norm.Read More

Indians - 6/7/2014
Indians have taken over our city. I heard a professional say that there has been a 150% in the Indian population in Plano.

The restaurants surrounding us are Indian and reek of currie.

Most devestating is that my daughter has become a minority in her grade level. I planned to raise my children here through college, but would they even have a chance competing against Indians and the rest of the Asian population?

Sadly, it is time for us to start searching for a new town in which to Read More

Plano-my two cents - 5/27/2013
I have lived in Plano for 20 years now but have lived in California (LA area), the Midwest and the East coast. Lots of people say Plano is the best so lots of people want to hear the reviews heres mine:
1. The property taxes-the property taxes are high all over Texas but the rates here are about as low as you can get close to Dallas, a 200000 house will cost you about 3800 a year as of 2013.
2. The schools-most people rave about the schools here and they are decent. I had 3 kids go here from elementary through high school and they were all well prepared to handle college. I wish they had better fine arts and physical education though.
3. Crime- A very safe place with a very involved police force. I never worry about going out in my own neighbor hood no matter the time.
4. The City 'feel'- very very suburbia, fairly bland. Lots of stores, lots of restaurants, and quite a lot of traffic.Nicely laid out on with 6 lane roads everywhere. Easy to get Read More

If you are considering relocating to the Metroplex - 2/18/2013
So, Plano, TX could be considered the "nucleus" of Collin County not only for its location within the county, but also due to its economical stance, helping develop the surrounding areas grow such as, Allen, Murphy, Parker, Lucas, Fairview, Mckinney, Frisco, and a slight piece of Northeast Carrollton along the west plano area.

Plano is a nice place to live, offering a solid, decent place to settle into. Housing is affordable and schools are pretty good; especially for those who've moved or plan to move from areas where a 3,000 square foot home will cost you well over $350,000+.

I've been living here for approximately 3.5 years, and I have found that the economy of the Metroplex (Dallas-Forth Worth area), is very diverse with many companies, both large and small, with either headquarters or major regional operations. The Metroplex is mostly white-collar with a presence of some blue collar industries. Great accessibility to Dallas' sports team events Read More

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