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The Land of OG (Ogden) is Just Right! - 4/20/2020
~~Me = Utahn, 44, College Graduate, Homeowner, Father~~

Fact...Just 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, Ogden was named the 6th best place to raise a family by Forbes. ~~

Housing prices are surging (he Ogden real estate market saw a double digit appreciation as the home prices have risen by 14.6% over the last year. And looking forward into the coming year). ~~

I moved from SLC to OG in November 2016 to take advantage of the more affordable housing. I was able to purchase a town home at a really great price and over the last 3 years of home ownership I have experienced an approximate 45% increase home equity. That's a phenomenal rate of growth; but that's only the tip of the iceberg of why the Land of OG is a great place to live. ~~

I expect home prices to stabilize or drop due to Covid. So be ready to pounce in the next 12-24 months. I for one am staying put and have no interest in leaving Ogden as its simply a better pace of Read More

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Most Non-Judgmental Fun Place To Live - 6/21/2019
I've lived here for 25 years, traveled all across the country for work, lived in Northern CA for a year, and there's nowhere else I'd want to live in Utah. There's a small airport so you will often see people skydiving/parachuting/paragliding above. We would take a flight to Las Vegas for dirt cheap, pull right up to the front of the airport, park, walk right in and be in Vegas in about an hour. Unfortunately the Vegas flights are no longer available, but hopefully they will bring them back! There is Pineview reservoir right up the canyon from where I live, 10-15 minutes I'm on the beach. Or I can be skiing/snowboarding in 20-25 minutes (Powder Mountain has the largest ski-able area in the US, short lines and cheap!). There is live music playing somewhere almost any night of the week, usually without a cover charge during weekdays and the music is ACTUALLY GOOD. There are often street musicians as well downtown which makes a nice ambiance. I have 2 grocery stores right by my Read More

Stay away from here! - 4/18/2019
Ogden is a shithole. There are no jobs here. There is too much crime. Cost of living is cheap, but there are no jobs. Everyone I know who lives here works in Salt Lake. An hour away. It's too damn far away. I try to think of good things to say too though. There is some fun shopping on 25th street and I love Carl's super saver. But really there is just very little to recommend this town. Read More

Ogden is not what it's cracked up to be. - 6/17/2018
As someone who has lived in several other cities I can say Ogden is likely the worst place I've lived. The drivers are the worst I've ever encountered and have the worst road rage temperaments I've ever seen. I get sketched to drive anywhere near central Ogden. Drivers drive better in Las Vegas, Phoenix or Southern California. For example they are so horribly unsafe they will honk at you while turning left at a unprotected stoplight and if you are a cautious driver you'll just get run off the road by the extremely agressive drivers or having people throw fits if you stop at a red light. They drive more agressive here than anywhere else I've been to. There seems to be tweakers/trashy folks everywhere especially in central Ogden. Generally you'll want to avoid anywhere from 12th until 36th street. Even the main city park with it's nice riverside pedestrian trails demonstrates the town's trashiness mentality. It seems mostly everyone just shits in their own backyard here and don't care Read More

Don't listen to these whiners. - 11/27/2017
If you like fishing, hunting, beautiful country, skiing and friendly people then Utah is the place for you. I think it's great. Let those other tools go back to California so they can sit in the traffic. Read More

Ogden might be Okay if you are young and strong - 3/12/2017
Ogden is here because the Railroad came through in the late 1800's. Utah was populated by Mormon polygamists that were searching for a place that NOBODY ELSE wanted. They found all those things in Ogden. The terrain is good if you are an avid skier. It's not as good as say Aspen or Mammoth, but it's also much cheaper.

The high mountain geography is too blame. The sun burn factor is very high and the air is some of the driest in the nation. Most people here have perpetual Dry Eye, bleeding nose and hacking cough. We have some of the worst ozone pollution in the USA and the "allergy problem" symptoms that go with it.

Utah has some of the highest taxes in the USA for income and sales tax on food. There is a very regressive flat-rate 5% income tax with NO breaks for social security income. The state median age is very young and that means an influx of lots of children in schools that need to be built. The rather young adult population does not have the median Read More

No comment - 3/22/2016
I jus need a place to stay i lost my job because it wasn't certified for welding now I'm just trying to get into a place besides these crappy motels before I go completely broke from paying these outrageous prices I just want 2 have a nice space to myself and get away from the drugs here in Ogden so I can focus on what I need to do I need help Read More

Junction City - 10/28/2009
Read your history. Ogden has long been an industrial/commercial center and with the decline of the railroad industry, Ogden's economic foundation went with it. City leaders and residents have done the best they can with what they have to revive the city. It's not that bad of a place to live. It's actually very beautiful and for the cost of living it's a great Read More

Ogden's Not Too Bad - Fresno Is Worse - 7/22/2009
I moved here from Fresno, CA for a job transfer in Jan 09, and it has been a bit of a culture shock as well as a bit of a disappointment too. Years ago I lived in Boise, ID and noticed how polite and well mannered the kids were, especially the LDS kids, and expected to find the same here in "Mormon Country".

I'm not Mormon, although I have never had any problems living with them and enjoying their friendship, and I was surprised to see that generally the older kids here in Ogden are basically pushy, ill-mannered and rude, whether they are of Mormon families, or not. And yes, there are gangs here too (well at least wannabe's as compared to Fresno), which are dangerous with their drive by shootings, especially in the older, middle part of Ogden.

Of course crime and other problems depend on which part of Ogden you live in, as the hills and edges are much nicer and newer, and are also more costly. If I were still young and raising my family, I'd search out one Read More

hispanic population - 7/22/2009
Last time I was there seems like the mexicans were taking it Read More

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