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Most Non-Judgmental Fun Place To Live
Star Rating - 6/21/2019
I've lived here for 25 years, traveled all across the country for work, lived in Northern CA for a year, and there's nowhere else I'd want to live in Utah. There's a small airport so you will often see people skydiving/parachuting/paragliding above. We would take a flight to Las Vegas for dirt cheap, pull right up to the front of the airport, park, walk right in and be in Vegas in about an hour. Unfortunately the Vegas flights are no longer available, but hopefully they will bring them back! There is Pineview reservoir right up the canyon from where I live, 10-15 minutes I'm on the beach. Or I can be skiing/snowboarding in 20-25 minutes (Powder Mountain has the largest ski-able area in the US, short lines and cheap!). There is live music playing somewhere almost any night of the week, usually without a cover charge during weekdays and the music is ACTUALLY GOOD. There are often street musicians as well downtown which makes a nice ambiance. I have 2 grocery stores right by my house, yet I feel like I'm away from the city in a nice outdoor environment. There's a beautiful river parkway that runs all the way through the city (right next to the river that stretches for miles, my dog loves it), that goes through several parks, a botanical garden, a skate park (that's free). There's a huge Rodeo that happens every July (I don't even attend, but I hear all the fun happening from my house). Fireworks going off almost every night during July (mortars are LEGAL here, so you get to see a lot of fireworks everywhere during this time). There are concerts every week in the summer at a outdoor amphitheater downtown. You can hear the music half way across town. They block off the downtown area for various festivals and parties all the time. One time they hauled in truckloads of snow and covered the streets for a winter festival where they had horses and snowmobiles pulling people on snowboards through the downtown area, doing tricks off ski jumps and various winter sports. There's indoor skydiving, indoor surfing. I've never had problems with the police being jerks here. I have had very little issues with crime. I think the people complaining are just afraid and create that for themselves. The people are not fake around here. They don't judge by the clothes you wear or get caught up in the clicky "what's cool" sort of thing that most other cities do. There is a huge variety of culture, race, religion. Someone commented about everyone being mormon. There are mormons here but probable less than any part of the state. Also, it sounds like people complaining about that have their own issues and it's not the mormons. The ones I know are very nice and I have no problem with them being around. They have great welfare programs that help out a lot of people in need. I know I'm jumping all over the place, but there's a lot to say about Ogden. I feel comfortable here, there's always something to do. The air quality is WAY BETTER than Salt Lake. Salt Lake has some of the worst air quality in the nation. I have NEVER seen smog in Ogden (there is a canyon that blows fresh air down through the city every night). The houses are completely unique. You don't see the same cookie cutter housing like so many other places. There are awesome old buildings with character. The high school is amazing looking (gothic style, been in a few movies). Housing has been cheap for years, but it's finally catching up to what it's worth. There used to be some motorcycle gangs in Ogden, but they have since been cleared out. If you like to have fun, like variety in your life, love the outdoors and are non-judgmental, this is the place for you.
Anonymous | Ogden, UT
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The Land of OG (Ogden) is Just Right!
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- 4/18/2019
Stay away from here!
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Ogden is not what it's cracked up to be.
As someone who has lived in several other cities I can say Ogden is likely the worst place...
Tyler | Ogden, UT | 1 Reply

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Don't listen to these whiners.
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- 3/12/2017
Ogden might be Okay if you are young and strong
Ogden is here because the Railroad came through in the late 1800's. Utah was populated by ...
Dale | Camarillo, CA | 1 Reply

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