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Seattle is dead. - 7/23/2020
Once a safe and clean major city when run by moderate leaders, Seattle has become a radically left democratic stronghold of rampant crime, gangs, looting riots, homeless drug addicts, mentally ill and alcoholics. The police have their hands tied by the mayor. She has stripped them of most tools required to quell the lawlessness, and they have become targets. as well as innocent citizens who they no longer can protect with authority. "Seattle is dying" was once a motto. That's no longer. Seattle is dead. Read More

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Be aware that wild city policies can be a strategy - 6/11/2020
I see many reviews complaining about the city council. Most of these tend to be somewhat average people. There is something that some of you need to be aware of. It is often a strategy of Democratically controlled cities to intentionally drive the middle class out of the city limits. This is damaging to the quality of life, but makes it impossible to change the administration and leaders are guaranteed re-election forever. Look at the top poverty rate cities and the top dozen all have been 100% democratically controlled for > 35 years. One problem with it is that corruption tends to become a serious issue. Baltimore has had 3 mayors in a row bounced for corruption, Newark has that beat, they had 4 in a row go to jail. The last Detroit mayor is serving a 28 year sentence. This phenomenon has a name, it is called the Curley effect after the mayor of Boston who pioneered the technique many years Read More

expensive - 5/28/2020
Picturesque landscape. Worst rated governor in all of the US. He has done a terrible job during the coronavirus pandemic. Tons of small businesses have had to close permanently. Cost of living is very high Read More

Make sure to visit Seattle! - 1/6/2020
I lived in Seattle for 12 years, and it was always Read More

Judging a city only on politics is getting stale - 12/21/2019
First off, its a bit disappointing (although not surprising) that the majority of this conversation is focusing on the usual partisan/ideological tribalism based horse crap that is so pervasive as well as damaging to THIS, ANY and ALL narratives. Enough already. From BOTH sides. FFS. If you are looking for a sleepy small town south of the Mason Dixon with a bumbling sheriff's deputy and nothing but God Fearing Caucasians, you should not be looking at any big city for relocation. Period.

Second....Seattle is a rapidly growing city that is not going to have it all figured out. Housing is expensive. Why? There isn't enough of it. Simple market supply and demand. Traffic is a huge issue as the roads were designed for 1960's/1970's Seattle while still having many topographic challenges. There is also a very highly educated workforce who are relatively young and perhaps not always concerned with much past their own interests. The "Brogrammers", as they are and most of them are Read More

Seattle Changed - 11/10/2019
I was born in Seattle and lived there over 60 years. Back in the 50's and 60's Seattle believe it or not was very much like Mayberry. Even into the 70's there wasn't much homelessness seen the suburbs it was mainly located in the downtown area, and in only certain downtown areas not the whole thing.Now fast forward to the 2000's and tent cities are popping up all over the suburbs. Our leave it to beaver neighborhood had tent communities showing up on sidewalks. Mailbox break ins were happening almost on a daily basis along with cars. We sold our house in 2018 and moved out of state. While on the market we had squatters twice break in and leave their needles and drug paraphernalia. Housing is definitely high we sold our tiny house for over $400k and bought a house out of state over 2,000 sq ft for under $240k. If you are a Republican it is definitely hard to share your views as Seattle being mostly Democrat. I found at least my my circle I felt I couldn't express my views without being Read More

Seattle - 9/15/2019
Before disagreeing, hear me out. Seattle has its fair share of problems but is by no means is dying or suffering. Seattle is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, with large companies opening more and more offices here, startups, and construction unlike anywhere else in the United States. There's so much talent in the Seattle area, with the population just rising. I agree with the comment about east coast cities, I'm from Florida and the east coast vibe is just something else. The crime, especially in the southeast, is far more violent. Many people like to believe Florida is such a great place to live and retire. Crime is far worse than the Seattle area, views are very negative on minorities in a lot of parts of Florida (racism issues still exist), the weather is either pounding rain/thunderstorms or hot and humid weather. Seattle's rain is typically not bad at all it's just a drizzle, besides that the summers are wonderful and the fall/winters are cozy for the most part. Read More

Once a fun & safe city degenerating into a slum - 7/28/2019
After working here for a few years, I will try to explain to everyone what is going on in Seattle these days, since everyone seems curious. About 30 to 40 years ago, Seattle was a very cool place to live. People called themselves proud to be Seattlites. Now today, you will not find this atmosphere anywhere. The ambitions that will you all have will now go to something else. This is because the city is engineered these days to bring it's citizens into becoming workers and robots. Stifling creativity and cutting down ambitions is now the norm here. Even something like Indie music or underground music has become irrelevant, and even those veteran musicians from the 1980s Portland/Seattle music scenes will admit you this. Seattle now deliberately tries to cut-down and delete all people with creativity. Everything in this city is all about mass productivity and no individuality. Seattle has a different religion these days and it is all about "collectivism" and "de-individualization". Read More

As a Cajun from Louisiana state - 6/22/2019
It's a dump. It is only a city made to feed off and take from it's own people. The people here are not at all intelligent. They think they are smart but they aren't. They will harass you if you are not an Atheist, or Left-winger or embrace Politically correct multiculturalism. They will harass you if you are found out to be from the South. Especially Louisiana state. Very rude and obnoxious city, probably worse people than Paris or Ontario. Go ahead and annex yourselves to Canada, Washington state. If you Seattlites really want it. I'm a 14th generation Cajun. My lineage was here since the 17th century. So don't you people dare blame me or tell ME what to do with MY life. Some of you are people from all over the USA (as transplants) and even around the world. I'm a white man who's had ancestors for centuries on this continent, very archaic lineage all the way from Canada in Nova Scotia. Go away. Trust me, Nobody down here (in Louisiana) likes you or will ever miss you. We are sick and Read More

Not the city it used to be - 6/18/2019
Live in Denver but Just got back from a weekend trip to Seattle with my wife. We were attempting to relive a lovely, quick trip we had 10 years ago. While we were able to enjoy ourselves with a lot of the normal touristy stuff, much of that was overshadowed by almost stepping in human feces on Pike, getting chased by a cracked out dude with a shiv requiring us to hide in CVS in Queen Anne, and the final low-light of being woken up by gunshots outside our hotel room along with the aftermath that followed at 7th and Union (and the next day there was a mid-day shooting at 2nd and Pike). But they were fairly quick to clean most the blood off the sidewalk...glad we left the kids at home on this one. Wish I would have watched the "Seattle is Dying" documentary before we left and not after.

Say what you will about Denver, with a similar population we don't have nearly a fraction of the issues Seattle has seemed to pick up over the past few years. A liberal city as well but our Read More

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923 N 102nd St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2710 E Pike St
Bed 1 | Bath 1

12305 15th Ave NE
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1234 Bungalow Dr
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

2118 NE 54th St
Bed 8 | Bath 4

2001 E Yesler Way
Bed 2 | Bath 2

6721 32nd Ave NW
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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