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As a Cajun from Louisiana state - 6/22/2019
It's a dump. It is only a city made to feed off and take from it's own people. The people here are not at all intelligent. They think they are smart but they aren't. They will harass you if you are not an Atheist, or Left-winger or embrace Politically correct multiculturalism. They will harass you if you are found out to be from the South. Especially Louisiana state. Very rude and obnoxious city, probably worse people than Paris or Ontario. Go ahead and annex yourselves to Canada, Washington state. If you Seattlites really want it. I'm a 14th generation Cajun. My lineage was here since the 17th century. So don't you people dare blame me or tell ME what to do with MY life. Some of you are people from all over the USA (as transplants) and even around the world. I'm a white man who's had ancestors for centuries on this continent, very archaic lineage all the way from Canada in Nova Scotia. Go away. Trust me, Nobody down here (in Louisiana) likes you or will ever miss you. We are sick and Read More

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Not the city it used to be - 6/18/2019
Live in Denver but Just got back from a weekend trip to Seattle with my wife. We were attempting to relive a lovely, quick trip we had 10 years ago. While we were able to enjoy ourselves with a lot of the normal touristy stuff, much of that was overshadowed by almost stepping in human feces on Pike, getting chased by a cracked out dude with a shiv requiring us to hide in CVS in Queen Anne, and the final low-light of being woken up by gunshots outside our hotel room along with the aftermath that followed at 7th and Union (and the next day there was a mid-day shooting at 2nd and Pike). But they were fairly quick to clean most the blood off the sidewalk...glad we left the kids at home on this one. Wish I would have watched the "Seattle is Dying" documentary before we left and not after.

Say what you will about Denver, with a similar population we don't have nearly a fraction of the issues Seattle has seemed to pick up over the past few years. A liberal city as well but our Read More

Dead City. - 6/4/2019
Sick city. Dying city. Too many drugs, homeless, murder, rape, drive-by shootings and gangland activity. Panhandlers and hapless people litter the streets and sidewalks, defecating, urinating and littering where they reside, directly in the path of visitors and residents. The stench is overwhelming. This city was once a utopia...a fun place...a safe and interesting place. It takes the "special" out of everything when one must be vigilant 24/7. Watch your back in Seattle. You couldn't pay me to visit or live there. Read More

Governed itself onto the Worst places to live list - 5/22/2019
My wife and I were raised here, we raised our family here, unfortunately it has been completely ruined. It is no longer the safe place to raise children. It's not even safe to take your kids downtown anymore, or yourself for that matter. To add insult to injury, we are now retired. Our retirement income used to afford a comfortable lifestyle here. Now it does not, not at all! Seattle has governed itself off of Read More

Great city - 4/5/2019
I can't even believe these people complaining about Seattle... Lol. Seriously? There are really only two bad parts of town. Pioneer Square and Rainier Valley. And honestly, they aren't even that bad compared to what I've seen in other cities. Seattle is one of the most clean, wealthy, educated, beautiful, cities in the United States. Don't believe me? Try spending some time there outside of the couple tourist spots that are overrun by beggars. Almost every US city of Seattle's size or larger is far, far worse. Any city on the east coast would eat you alive if you think Seattle is scary. For real though, if you can't handle Seattle, you don't belong in a city. Move to Mayberry. Read More

A City On A Moral and Cultural Decline... - 3/27/2019
Substance Abuse, crime ( 10% conviciton rate for city ) heroin addicts shooting up on sidewalks, rapes, needles and drug paraphernalia...Police told not to arrest...its a city spiralling out of control. Its known as "Freeattle Washington". Liberal socialist have ruined this city, now a palce for mentally ill, drug addicted men and women roaming sidewalks which are sickening to walk due to odor of urine. City has allowed the streets to be taken over.....Police handcuffed to police them. The addicted preying on the weak. What happens when a city and state is run by Democrats.....move out while you can. Dont move to this state if you are hardworking and good Read More

Why is Seattle even on this list? It's a horrible - 3/21/2019
I live an hour north of Seattle and avoid it like the plague. Yes the scenery is beautiful but it has the highest property crime in the nation due to all the homeless. Housing prices are insane and if you don't mind 9 months of clouds and rain I guess it's not too bad.

Just in the last 24 hours Seattle had on woman that was attempted to throw off a freeway overpass, two people stabbed in a park, and one person shot to death in another park.

The scenery and outdoor opportunities are great but otherwise Seattle is dying. Look at KOMO News for a local story about how bad Seattle's become in the last few Read More

Seattle has become a garbage dump. Don't go there! - 3/18/2019
I have lived in the Seattle area for 50 years. Seattle is in a stunning area geographically. It is in an area with miles of shoreline (the “Salish Sea”), snowcapped mountains within easy driving distance; it has a comfortable climate with few extremes in terms of humidity, temperatures, etc. Unfortunately, the politicians have allowed this once beautiful city to become a cesspool. Junkies are allowed complete freedom to defecate in public, on city sidewalks and in parks. The air stinks of urine and vomit. Garbage is everywhere. Tents and the associated filth are on the sidewalks, along the highways. If you do go to Seattle, do not take any valuables with you. It is not a safe place…the reason that the crime rate is so low is that most crimes are not reported. Why should they be reported? The Seattle City Police are unable to enforce the laws; they have to operate a “catch and release” program that is so ineffective that crime is generally unreported. Before you think about going to Read More

We will never return to Seattle - 1/30/2019
We recently visited the once beautiful, safe city of Seattle and was appalled of how it had become a dangerous garbage dump. There were homeless people everywhere verbally harassing us as we walked, alcoholics vomiting on the sidewalks, and human feces to dodge as we walked. We will never return to that vial City again.  Read More

Seattle, the "Emerald" (or moss covered) City - 12/31/2018
Lived here 20 years. I won't bore you, but the weather stinks. I will be leaving after my youngest graduates HS in 2020. Both kids have no intention of staying. We live just east of Redmond. Weather sucks most of the year, say like 9 months: rainy, cloudy, muddy. If you like mud, this is your place. Folks here in our town are fairly nice, but forget Seattle. In fact, I would say Washatonians are generally cold. There really isn't much to do besides hiking trails clogged with a million other hikers, skiing packed slopes that get fair to midland snow, and markets and fairs. Fishing and hunting? Forget that, too. They will charge you an arm and a leg, but is so poorly managed. Rivers are closed to fishing all the time. (Unless you are a native Am, then you get free range and are not impacted by Fish and Game laws. Net the rivers? Sure, why not.)
I really don't get the excitement over this state. I think, "Great, move here!" There the rest of the country won't be Read More

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