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Good and bad of Spokane. - 1/19/2020
Spokane is a growing city due to low cost and nice communities. Good things: growing, easy traveling (including flights), nice family communities, lots of lakes and mountains for activities, no state tax, low utility costs. Bad, inner city has a high amount of drugs and street people, 4 season climate, summer to short, winter to long, and not enough community parks (lots of drivable parks). I have lived here 14 years, raising my kids, and they have all excelled. School districts are important. I miss all the neighborhood parks we had before, but don’t miss the high living costs. Summers are great, winter is ok if you like skiing, etc, but spring and fall are a toss up. Can get a lot of grey weather, a little snow or rain, but not enough sun. This is the only reason I didn’t rate Spokane a 4. Also consider Spokane valley and Coeur D ‘ Alene, ID. Read More

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Spokane, nice to visit, but not to stay. - 1/14/2020
OK, here is the truth about this Spokane , WA.
Starting with the government. These officials are part of the illuminati and it has been a proven fact. They take tax money we give and send it to a groups that are for the New World Order, the United Nations signed agreement Agenda 21 and 2030 is at work here. So, this has created an upper class of evil in this city and the middle and lower class are going to be the ones who suffer. Here is a little fact about this city of Spokane and the operations of it's Police force. This is fact and taken right from the cities site.
SPOKANE WA. changed it's policy on crimes. Here is the latest announcements direct from the city of Spokane.... "Many crime reports do not require an officer to respond, such as stolen bicycles, garage burglaries, lost property, trespassing, vehicle prowling, custodial interference, harassment, thefts, and malicious mischief. Citizens may make these reports by contacting: CRIME CHECK" Crime check is a lazy Read More

Lots of people don't want you to move here... Sad. - 12/5/2019
Can you tell? Pretty sad that people say so many ignorant things. 90% of it is literally lies to keep people from moving here.

There is an insanely high amount of people here who moved here already from Seattle and other areas and think that every single person who moves here behind them is going to turn Spokane into that environment.

OR, they've never actually been anywhere else (at least in the last 10 years) and think Spokane is the only city in the entire country with homeless people.

My advice- stop believing the ignorant crap spewing, come here and decide for yourself why Spokane is a great place to live, raise a family and call home.

I've been all over the country and have never felt like I've wanted to Read More

Question - 11/18/2019
Hi, if I earn $25/hour will I be considered poor in Spokane? I am single and plan to live there. Is $50k a year a good income in Spokane? Thank you Read More

I love Spokane! - 11/5/2019
Spokane is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. The people are down to earth and friendly. It's very easy to get around and doesn't have the bad traffic of a big city. There are tons of beautiful city parks - pretty much every neighborhood has at least one nice park. There are lots of options for food, going out, and entertainment. Spokane gets a lot of musical and other arts that come to the various venues. I've always felt very safe here and don't have to worry about crime. The area surrounding Spokane includes many opportunities for outdoor recreation, whether it's boating on one of the many nearby lakes, camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Being from the Seattle and Portland area, Spokane has felt more like home to me because it's very laid back. I would really recommend Spokane as a nice alternative for folks looking to move away from a bigger city. If you are coming from a smaller town, you'll appreciate the "home town" feeling Read More

Schools, yes. Raise a family,eh. - 11/4/2019
I have lived in other cities, but Spokane is where my family lives. I was raised here, left then came back to be with family. It is a beautiful city for the most part, they have really put effort into beautifying downtown area, and if you can look past the homeless people it really is nice. Riverfront park is like the kitchen where everyone gathers for special events. They invested their money well down there.
Jobs are not readily available. If you have no skills it is easy to work at McDonalds, or some other food industry as there is a restaurant on nearly every block. If you are in your thirties and don't have a degree it is tough to find a career. Advice would be to go to the local community college and get a certificate to do something at the hospital or for Avista.
Housing has gone through the roof here, the cost is outrageous. The rent is terrible for what you are getting. We need updated, clean rentals for families, but also the apartments in the area Read More

Mentally Ill white supremacist low income joke - 11/3/2019
Lived in area growing up as a boy then left for ten year until I was in need of some recovery time. This is not the place to heal. Someone here said it best. Absolutely no welcoming or appreciation for ones existence as the norm- could have something to do with the white supremacist culture embedded in the subconscious of every low income ignorant entitled clown stuck here.

Business fraud and unprofessional practices are a common routine here. These people have no value of money or themselves there for any work related experience is an absolute joke. It's very classist in the inland NW. Like blue collar and white collar dont mix while the little dick syndrome is reinforced by your vulgar work attitude. Cant even make a decent living here as a hard working reliable and honest individual since I ain't part of they sick corny white supremacist guy club of disgusting thin skin entitlement. I can say this since I'm a mixed blood white who has a light tan and physical Read More

Absolutely No Recommendation. - 10/8/2019
Spokane is one type of location where you are straight up advised to find a better place to go to. Absolutely dysfunctional setting. Spokane is the absolute worst type of community that one could ever run into. Absolutely no welcoming or appreciation for ones existence as the norm. Neighborhood Watch have affiliations with the Ku Klux Klan and make up false police reports to play Russian roulette. No sense of friendship or real leadership worth your time. Police will treat you like a felon.

Worst Air Quality in the Nation. Worst Job Market in the United States several times in a row. One of the worst places for property crime. Business fraud and unprofessional practices are a common routine here. Bad neighbors who are unwelcoming and suffer from severe psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems. Bad neighbors who attract skunks with absolutely no recourse as to the damage that it causes towards property and quality. Crime is widespread and is never appropriately Read More

Dark negative cloud - 9/29/2019
Portland and Seattle had a baby and the baby is retarded. They named their baby Read More

Wonderful City to Live In - 8/9/2019
Spokane is a wonderful city. Less traffic and less rain than Seattle or the east coast. You get a beautiful four seasons here, with no season all that extreme (including winter - winter is just cold enough to have snow and lots of skiing. The south hill area is super unique, though there are loads of other great neighborhoods here. Unlike east of the Mississippi, you won’t find a truly bad Read More

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5012 N Elgin St
Bed 4 | Bath 1

3021 W Eloika Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4814 N Allen Pl
Bed 4 | Bath 2

6222 N Oak St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

2404 W Olympic Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

2529 W Crown Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

115 E Meadowlane Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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