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Georgia State University is a public research university located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It offers over 250 degree programs and has been recognized for its innovative academic initiatives and excellence in teaching. Georgia State is known for its diverse student population, top-tier faculty, world-class research centers, and vibrant cultural life. The university also has a number of impressive facilities, including cutting-edge labs and study areas that support learning and collaboration. Students have praised Georgia State's small class sizes and attention to individual students' needs, as well as its extensive student activities and engagement opportunities. From bike-riding downtown to kayaking on Lake Lanier or visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, there are plenty of fun activities for students to enjoy at Georgia State University. With it's commitment to diversity and quality academics, the reviews for Georgia State are overwhelmingly positive.

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Georgia Like Any Place Has It's Good & Bad - 12/12/2016
I was sad to read some of the comments about my home state of Georgia. Many were based on experiences people have had living in Atlanta or it's suburbs. Having been born and raised here I can assure you Atlanta and the other nearby large cities do not necessarily represent life in Georgia. I think this is probably true of most states. There by I think it's grossly unfair to have bad experiences in Atlanta or nearby cities and say oh well that's Georgia ! And your experience will be based on primarily what kind of life you are looking for. If you are a laid back type person then rural Georgia may be for you. If you are a high octane person who likes excitement and the night life then maybe Atlanta would be a good fit. As for people, we have our fair share of rude and mean spirited people, but fortunately we also have plenty of very nice people who will go out of their way to help you. I've found that people will treat you the way you treat them the majority of the time. My state is not Read More

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Cost of Housing listed is misleading - 5/4/2016
In the cost of living review of Georgia, it shows that housing in Georgia is 75% of the national average, which sounds good to someone thinking of moving into the state, however most of the housing in areas where most prospective residents would want to live are significantly higher in cost and are at or above the national average. If you move into the Metro Atlanta area, housing averages around $250,000 or more for housing. The lower cost housing in Georgia is primary found outside the metro area or in areas with low income, and in those lower cost areas, well paying jobs are scarce. In addition, wages in Georgia tend to run 10-15% below the national average so it's even harder to survive in Georgia when compared to national Read More

Climate - 2/19/2016
The climate in Georgia is great. It is really hot in the summers. our winters do not last long. Well, here in Albany it starts getting cool-cold around Halloween. The kids usually go out with a sweater, maybe. This year winter did not start until after Christmas. Now that it is February, we have been wearing shorts and t-shirts, sweaters and jeans. Mainly at night you may need a coat. We get rain/storms according to the Gulf coast and Atlantic cycles. So, if you like it hot South Ga. is the place to be. Read More

Living in Atlanta - 9/11/2015
I moved here to Atlanta two years ago after living in over 14 cities around the country. Atlanta is home to the most selfish people I have every met, the worst customer service, the most congested traffic, more self-righteousness and judgement than any place I have been in the word. Not to mention. The gossip, self-justification, self-righteousness, denial, projection and abdication of responsibility. The cost of living and historic architecture is fantastic but if You are looking for a truly kind (and not just on the surface) human experience then don't head this way. I can't wait to go somewhere, anywhere else. Read More

overall economy - 1/13/2014
would like to know at this time overall econmy for teachers, entertainment, cost of living would be nice Read More

Dont move to atlanta georgia - 5/31/2013
I moved to atl from ny thinking it would be a better life for my daughters we been here for 6 yrs already and we been struggleing so much its depressing . i dont tell ppl to move here it really sucks nothing to do no were to go and if you work the money doesnt give for anything just pay bills . ppl are rude and very racist towards others . rude and ghetto . T HE MONEY YOU MAKE DOESNT GET YOU NO WERES NOT EVEN TO GET OUT DONT MOVE HERE (VACATION Read More

Finding an apartment in Georgia - 1/30/2013
I have been in GA for almost a year and I still living in a house where I pay for a room and bathroom. I had lost money everywhere looking for apartments and losing the deposit after finding out big problems there, as bugs infestation. This seems to be a real problem in GA. I have a good job but does not pay enough to move into a nice apartment of more than $800. That is the base rent, then you have to add water, sewerage, garbage, electricity, etc etc.
In general the only things that are less expensive here when you compare with NJ is the car insurance and health insurance if you get your own.
GA is about driving long distances, and very expensive food Read More
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Ready to relocated ANYWHERE else - 1/19/2013
Georgia is not the best place for raising children. Cost of living is high, employment is low, education is down, and crime is up. Read More

Unemployment = High - 7/7/2012
I have lived in the Atlanta area for 15 years. When my family and I moved here jobs were plentiful. I have enjoyed my stay here but I must leave because my husband and I are both now unemployed. I went back to school to finish up my education (I now have my MBA) but I can not find employment. He recently lost his job so now we must move somewhere we both can find opportunity (especially me). I am willing to let him be the at home husband because he is much older than I am and have a mechanical gift so I am not worried some much for opportunities for him. I have some experience and degreed Associates, Bachelors, and MBA in Accounting also studing for the CPA exam. I know that I can be an asset to some great organization. I want to relocate to the Houston, TX area since the economy there is Read More

Areas of Georgia - 7/5/2012
I would like help with finding out what areas have nice apartment housing near the Atlanta area, and the Marietta area. I am thinking of relocating there and I need all the help I can get Read More