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Louisiana State is known for its culture, great cuisine, and rich history. It's one of the most visited states in the United States and has a variety of activities to offer. From swamp tours to plantation visits, there's something for everyone. Louisiana State also boasts some of the best seafood restaurants in the country with traditional Cajun dishes like gumbo and jambalaya. Those interested in music can enjoy blues, jazz, or zydeco found along Bourbon Street in New Orleans. There are many attractions for those that love history, such as the French Quarter or Fort Macomb.
Visitors to Louisiana State have been known to give highly positive reviews due to its unique culture and friendly people. With so many different activities and attractions available, it’s easy to see why it is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. People who have experienced Louisiana State have been full of praise for its hospitality and interesting sights. From amazing food to historical sites, Louisiana State has something for everyone and is sure to leave visitors with fond memories.

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Personal Experience While Living in Sienna Plantat - 2/6/2015
In regards to crime, schools, and some of the management while living there (it being a master planned community in an extraterritorial jurisdiction of Missouri City), I would not recommend moving here to anyone. I had some truly horrible experiences while living in Sienna Plantation. A member of my husband's employer's relocation team and the realtor who sold our home shared their mutual feelings of some of the management with my husband as well. I hope things have improved since we moved Read More

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Small town. .but making a comeback ! - 10/24/2012
Lake Charles promises great prosperity in future years. .suffering economically like most smaller cities, there are big plans for future growth in industry and construction. . Lot of social events, including a huge Mardi GRAS season, and excellent cultural events. . There is a state tax, but one of the lowest in the country. . If you love hunting, fishing and water sports, this is a great place to participate. . Poor seasonal climate. . Hot and humid. . Short winters. . No autumns. .and barely a spring. . Beautiful old and new construction. . A revival of downtown and the Garden Districi. . Read More

So sad for the people - 7/3/2012
I have lived in Louisiana all my life and never in the past considered leaving. It was the state I was born in.

I had hope in this governor that we elected. Bur it seems he is after the VP position in washington.
But he is making a mess of our state while he is in office here. A lot of people have been punished for opposing him and his ideas. Many have lost their jobs and even moved out of Louisiana.

The crime is horrible here. Every morning there is always a report of 1-2 shootings in the city somewhere.
I would not dare go out to Baton Rouge after 5pm. And what is there to do downtown after 5pm? Just a lot of homeless people and gay bars. Especially since they took all the movie theaters out. Made room for more bars.

It is sad. It use to be a wonderful town. We didn't even lock our doors at night. We use to live the American dream.
Now it is a nightmare.

By the way, last election, NO one ran against our Read More

Re- lacting to Louisiana - 2/25/2012
I live in Lumberton, NC it's and o.k. place but I'm originally from Louisiana... I also serve in the Ministry, and I'm looking for a very good place in Louisiana... to go back home to God Read More

not best - 2/21/2012
when ur docs r telling that if u have a "special needs child" this is not best state to be in it makes one Read More

Cost of living - 1/1/2012
The cost of living is Read More

Not bad but not great either - 3/4/2011
I definitely don't hate Lake Charles, but I would choose Lafayette over Lake Charles any day. One of the main positives about Lake Charles is the cheap cost of living. The same home in Lafayette could be more than double. Another great thing is the ease of traffic. I don't know if Lake Charles's traffic is good, or if Lafayette's is atrocious. Either way, that is another thing better than Lafayette. Lafayette and Lake Charles have a lot in common. The people are friendly and the food is great. Also, the weather is equivalent to a hot shower from April to October. That is primarily due to the oppressive humidity. I met a family from North Dakota, and I thought they were gonna die. They said, "It gets up to 90 degrees at home! I don't understand why this is so unbearable." In case you are new here, 90 degrees here is a huge difference from anywhere else. The water in the air just seems to magnify the sun. Lake Charles's economy is not the greatest, and there are not a lot Read More

Make It Louisiana for Me - 1/10/2011
I am a Georgia transplant, and a LA. resident for 41 years. At one time I
thought that I would return to my GA. roots but LA's hold is too strong. One
of the things I like most about LA. is that it is a melting pot of so many
cultures. People from a myriad of cultures and walks of life blend into one
cohesive group, with very little prejudice. You won't find better food anywhere on earth, honest to God. Our state is full of history and breath
taking beauty. No matter where you are in the state, you are not far from an
historical area of great interest. LA. has been very big in the film industry, with countless movies at least partially filmed here. New Orleans is a mixture of party town (especially at Mardi Gras) and history jackpot. The Mississippi River boasts beautiful plantation homes that take you back to a simpler way of life. America's most haunted house is a short drive north of the capital city of Baton Rouge, the Myrtles. The Read More

Louisiana has a great climate - 11/9/2010
There's no problem with the temperature unless you were raised somewhere its' cold. The grass stays green over nine months a year normally, your feet only get cold during wedding, and most days you can go fishing. What more do you want? If you just got to be cod buy a good air conditioner or just fill the bath tube up with ice.  Read More

A Great Place To Live! - 8/26/2010
Fantastic cultural diversity, low cost of living, fru-fru all the way to swamp rat here! Plenty of things for kids to do in the cities and don't forget the best out-of-doors adventures in the country (except snow skiing and mountain climbing). Its hot as one respondent claimed but in the 20th century A/C was invented. Buy one. Start days outside early and come inside at noon and nap like ordinary folks and then back outside around 4:00 and enjoy the wonderful Cajun nights. More festivals here than anywhere else. Drinking...Nobody forces you to! The most hospitable people in the entire U.S. Bon Temps.

johnsaul • www.sicksalt.com Read More