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The Way Life Should Be - 7/24/2010
Maine is Read More

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The Way Life Should Be - 7/9/2010
Our State Motto is "Maine -The way life should be" and it is most of the time. However traffic is getting just awful in many popular spots - give yourself extra time of you are coming for a visit! Great place to visit for beaches, hiking, scenic places, historic places, and most outdoor sports (although I hear our waves are a little small for surfers!)Unfortunately for those thinking about moving here - pay is low and cost of living is high. State government spending is out of control. You might want to think twice or wait a few years to see if it gets better. COme visit for camping or skiing and I don't think you'll regret Read More

Climate - 2/14/2010
Cold in the winter. Great spring, summer and Read More

Lots of Outdoor activities - 12/28/2009
Maine is pretty quiet the farther north you go. The larger cities are located in the southern tip of the state near the NH border or withing 40 or so miles of the ocean. The rest is basically wilderness. The entire state is very sparsley populated
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Wonderful Trade Off - 12/28/2009
Although Maine is not noted for being at the cultural center of the Northeast, only a couple of professional theaters and very few museums and such, it clearly makes up for that in its Recreational opportunities. The beaches and coast line in the summer, Mountain sports all year round and of course our numerous culinary Read More

Beware of falling in love during the summer! - 12/9/2009
The winter is SIX MONTHS LONG! In some areas, everything closes up for the season. People stay in their homes. Lots of people get depressed. If you don't have a strong network of people, don't move here. It is very Read More

Maine - 7/21/2009
I was born & raised in Maine. My husband as well. We have lived here, married, for the past 17 years. Maine is a beautiful state, with 5 seasons. Mud season, being the fifth.
Housing seems reasonable, a 3 bedroom home, in a town, should cost 140,000 approx.Crime is low, as many people do not lock their cars, etc. Many retired people here, until winter, which seems to last from December to April. Not much to do here, most cities are at least a 30-45 minute drive away. And only Portland & Bangor have a mall in the entire state. You cannot seem to get a job that pays more than 11 dollars an hour. Hard to make a living. Property taxes are high. Most stores close down Columbus day and open again Memorial Day. But, on the flip side, you can ususally get lobsters pretty reasonable...not at arestaurant Read More

Writers and Artists - 5/5/2009
Maine is for writers and artists. Foggy beaches, vivid mountains, and room to get lost and found. Independent. Unique. Rugged. Read More

The way life should be? Not too sure - 4/27/2009
Maine is the way life should be, or that's the motto at least. If you want to live in a beautiful wide open place that still has some small scale things to do, raise a family, or start a business then this is a great place.

If you are young, looking to network, looking for quality jobs, looking for opportunity or your the kind of person who likes to stay busy doing things that matter, this is not the place for you.

Maine has some great area's, most of them are in Southern Maine. Unless you want to live a sort of isolistic life I would discourage central or northern Read More

Racism. - 11/28/2008
Maine has a big problem and its called RACISM if you have not noticed almost all of maine is 99% White or so called white and alot of the asians and hispanics are scared to register because they are afraid they will either be attacked or be gotten by their own neighbors... how do i know this? I myself have witnessed the harassment of a young woman who died and they did absolutely nothing to help her because she was married to a KKK male who left the KLAN And her race is Puerto Rican... how the hell do you expect to live somewhere where they do not even consider you to being a human being just because of their fascist ways and of your race?

I could not believe when i heard the in BREWSTER , ME an officer who raped a child in a different county came to work in Brewster, and because he is white he did not get his badge or gun taken away from him.

I'm making a point here that maine requires you to be white, if you want to enjoy a town / state without the Read More

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