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The average one-way commute in Maine, Maine, takes 24 minutes. 78% of commuters drive their own car alone. 10% carpool with others. 1% take mass transit and 5% work from home.

  TRANSPORTATIONMaine, MaineUnited States
  Commute Time  23.5125.71
  Auto (alone)  78.11%76.41%
  Carpool  10.29%9.59%
  Mass Transit  0.64%5.06%
  Bicycle  0.50%0.59%
  Walk  3.92%2.78%

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winters - 2/19/2015
We are on this site to exit Maine in the winter. It is a beautiful and expensive (taxes) state. We plan to stay here most of the year, as 3 of the seasons are beautiful.... (Read More)

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JOBS/WEATHER - 2/8/2014
Unless you want to live around Portland Maine or maybe BIW, not much work in Maine, except min wage...Weather from Sept thru May, you freeze your butt off, put kids in... (Read More)

Please help " be honest" - 5/19/2013
Hi! This is my replay to " THINK TWINCE" as well as everyone else that has write on here. My name is Sam and Im a 25 year old women who is single , no kids and no... (Read More)

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