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Wood Smoke or Other Air Pollution Problems??? - 6/14/2012
Two thirds of the peope in Washington state are 24/7/365 indoor and outdoor wood burners. People have no hobbies, interests, commom sense, intelligence or compassion for death or human suffering. Their only past time and interest in life is lighting wood on fire. Their only reasons for burning wood are greed and vindictive hate for other people.

I am looking for a state where people have a life that is more then sitting around a fire drinking beer and eating a Costco size bag of chips.

Does North Dakota have clean wood smoke free air anywhere in the state?

Here is why we should all strive to live in smoke free locations!

Smoke kills 60,000 U.S. Citizens a year; 3 million world wide. Respiratory illness is largest killer of infants. 4 People die daily in WA from Asthma attacks. Wood smoke is a major trigger. 1 in 10 children have Asthma. Infants who are exposed to wood smoke pollution early in life are 5 times more likely to Read More

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Road Conditions - 5/18/2010
Out in the middle part of North Dakota roads are poorly maintained. I have seen numerous people miss up their alignment, hurt the bottom of their car, etc. due to unfixed pot holes in the middle of major cities like Read More

crime - 3/15/2010
this town is bad i hate Read More

the wind and the weather - 7/21/2008
I'm not from here, though I did move here, but this is not my best place to live. Too cold in the winter, too windy, and too sterile. No stores can open on Sunday till noon. Only certain dealers can sell liquer. The same is for drug stores. It's a bit too bland, though the people are nice and there is not much crime.
Pam Read More

Best kept secret - 5/17/2008
I moved away from the Mpls/St.Paul area as the cost of living was too high in comparison to the wages. I easily make as much in North Dakota as I made in Mn. but the cost of living is much much better. If you like wide open spaces and a sense that you have gotten away from the rat race, this is the place to be.

There are a few drawbacks. In western North Dakota, it is hard to find housing. There is a real housing crisis going on. The oil boom has made it hard to find anything to rent as many of the oil people have taken up the vast majority of available places to rent. Also the cost of living has gone up some because of the oil as well. Industry is good and I guess it is a nice problem to have there be more jobs than can be supported by the communities for a place to live concidering that jobs are harder to come by in many other places.

The people are laid back and see the world in a no-nonsense sort of way. It is kind of like stepping back in time Read More

If you are even thinking about moving to Bismarck - 6/25/2006
I am going to make this easy for you yes' and no's will tell you whether you belong here. Do you think low breastfeeding rates are good? thats one point for north dakota if you say yes you don't care iif it is is one of only four remaining states that refuse to pass any laws or bills protecting breastfeeding women from being charged with indecent exposiore or being forced to serve jury duty they tried to pass one against breastfeeding women but, thankfully it was thrown out. Do you think a lack of non-church related activities for children isa good thing? another point for bismarck, seeing as there are literally no activities that are not related to a church in north dakota for children under 21 other then drinking and suicide: #2 highest rate for suicide fatalities ages 10-14 in the NATION #6 highest rate for suicide fatalities ages 15-19 in the NATION! "Statistics show that North Dakota is number one in the COUNTRY in underage drinking" As stated by our First Lady!!
Oh wait I Read More

Boring - 4/14/2006
I have lived in North Dakota for three years and I have never really liked it. It is cold and boring, but some people love Read More

North Dakota - 2/23/2006
North Dakota highlights include good people, historic and scenic draws for tourism, and four Read More

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