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Ohio is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is known for its diverse landscapes, from its bustling cities to its charming rural communities. With a population of over 11.7 million people, Ohio is the 7th most populous state in the country. It has a vibrant economy with major industries in manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare. Despite its many positives, Ohio also faces challenges such as high crime rates and a struggling education system. Let's explore what people have to say about living in Ohio, based on user reviews from BestPlaces.net.

According to user "JohnDoe123," who has lived in Ohio for 10 years, "The cost of living in Ohio is very affordable, especially compared to other states in the Midwest. Housing prices are reasonable, and there are plenty of job opportunities available." Similarly, "OhioNative" shares, "I've lived in Ohio my whole life and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The people are friendly, the cost of living is low, and there is always something to do."

On the other hand, "JaneSmith" has a different perspective, stating, "Ohio has its positives, but I find the winters to be long and brutal. It also lacks diversity and can feel stagnant at times." "MidwestTransplant" also comments on the weather, saying, "I moved to Ohio from California and I was not prepared for the extreme temperature changes. However, the natural beauty of the state and the friendly people have made it worth it."

In terms of education, user "ProudParent" says, "I have raised my family in Ohio and the schools are excellent. There are also many opportunities for extracurricular activities and sports for my children." However, "DisappointedResident" has a different experience, sharing, "The education system in Ohio is disappointing. The schools are underfunded and overcrowded, and my child is not receiving the quality education they deserve."

Overall, it seems that opinions on living in Ohio are mixed. While many appreciate the affordable cost of living and friendly people, others have concerns about the weather and education system. It is important for individuals to research and consider their priorities before deciding if Ohio is the right place for them to live.

 based on 58 Reviews
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Ohio, not exciting, not bad. Comfortable w/income - 10/19/2023
Ohio is pretty good if you can get a decent job. Weather is tempered with the great lakes, and we've get all 4 seasons. Summers are pretty hot, but winters could stand to be a little colder to get us more snow and less slush. We get a good amount of rain to keep things green, but not too much. It doesn't take much income to be able to get a respectable house, but you can spend as much as you like and still get a lot for your money compared to other places. I don't really get the nothing to do mentality, I enjoy big cities occasionally but I wouldn't say they're crazy exciting or anything. Living in Ohio you definitely need a car, and I wouldn't consider living in an Ohio city because ohio culture is geared for suburbs/rural. Labor positions are constantly disappearing, so don't expect you can choose to not be skilled at something. You need a degree or a trade, both make about the same here unless you own the business then you can be really well off. If you're not poor, the quality of Read More

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Ohio: Nothing to See Since 1803 - 11/11/2021
Ohio is the armpit of American (with KY being the anus). Phrases such as "Nothing to See since 1803," or "Come to Ohio on vacation, leave on probation," aptly describe what you would see. In Cincinnati, beer, beer, beer. No originality just typical stuff, old, worn out theaters, parks, restaurants......yawn. Columbus is like a shell with the same thing. Cleveland is another echo of above. Surrounding cities like Toledo, Dayton, Akron and so on are all the same. BORING. Hosting one of the largest prison populations, corruption from small villages all the way to the state legislature, it would be best to go around this state or fly around it. In sum, it's like a port-o-let....you know what you're in for well before you even open the Read More

Tons to do, 3 massive cities offering everything - 10/9/2021
Many large cities with tons of things to do. The the Cs offer anything you like-- water/beach at lake erie in Cleveland. Or hit in town at night in the Short North over in Columbus. Or go to a Reds game in nearby Cincy. Plus you've got Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown as well. Cleveland-Akron metro is what makes Ohio great though. More uran feeling in NE Ohio than it is in Central OH. Columbus is the largest city but Cleveland and Cincy both have larger metros. Columbus is more a farming town but still has a lot to offer. If you like Chicago or the big city feel go to Read More

Ohio, the heart state. - 7/10/2019
I have lived in five sections of Ohio for a total of over 35 years. You just need to find what floats your boat! Ohioans are big on education, football, family and cultural events. We have jobs, but we also have a big populations. Very competitive market. Most jobs are located near the major highways as are the better hospitals. Housing is hard to find with low property values yet cheaper rent makes it harder to find rental properties. The NW and SE are more farmlands, while the NE and SW are more city, urban landscapes from Cleveland, through Columbus, to Cincinnati. The North is colder with the Lake effects. The South is maybe 5 degrees warmer year round. Affordable health care, We are a multi cultural state. A great state to get on your feet if you hit bottom. Lots of retirement towns to choose from and feel safe. Our shame is the opioid crisis, not less sunlight. You have got to like 4 seasons to live in Read More

This is a retirement home and a weird one at that. - 4/25/2019
I've lived in the rural area between Waverly, Jackson, Chillicothe, and Portsmouth for nearly all of my 34 1/2 years. I've also lived in Columbus. Growing up here was basically comfortable but daily mind-numbing. The schools are sub-par and will not challenge a truly gifted child. There doesn't seem to be any interest in culture or tradition, except that of the moundbuilder culture. Outside of a major city, there isn't much access to goods or services. Get used to ordering everything off the web.

The electric CoOps that cover a large portion of the state charge extravagantly to get power to many rural towns with no help from the Public Utilities Commission to get the rates down.

If you live in the southeastern part of the state, you find yourself in an area my family calls "the triangle of desolation." It's a vast area that runs from Columbus in the north to Lexington, KY in the south, from Cincinnati in the west to Pittsburgh, PA in the east where it's just Read More

Ohio Sucks to live in - 6/20/2016
I grew up in ohio. Ive seen and been to every corner. The people are rude work is ridiculous with only the aregant and vandalized running all the work. People in ohio are so pre programmed and scared of not being recognized by their aregant fun sinful bosses. They will look right in yur eyes and lie to u. They think the little they give is worth thousands and needs to have vanity attached to it. The law is manipulative and judges think they sit next to god. Police and undercover agents use the criminals to pull in good people and thier children to feed the surpressive courts who have drained the real criminals and now allow them to run free so they can use them as bitches pimps and drug dealers to befriend yu or yur children into their world so the law makers can drive thier mercedes and live in big homes. When they or their children get dryg in their set free but a good man a good worker looking for 10 minutes if freedom away from the suppression does the same thing his family Read More

For research - 9/14/2015

I'm using your website for my research here in the Phlippines.

I'm hoping that your good website will support me in my endeavor to promote quality living here in the Philippines. I don't know if you ban IP address that is outside the US, but please let me through. Thank Read More

Not so good weather! - 5/25/2015
Looking to move to southwest Read More

Death - 2/5/2015
Dont come here, its Read More

Canal Winchester, OH - 2/21/2014
Nice community and low crime rate. Not the best school district (Groveport-Madison) but lots of activities and things to do for families. Cost of living is pretty Read More


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