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What BestPlaces Users Say about Oregon

Oregon is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and progressive culture. With its diverse landscapes including mountains, forests, and coastlines, it's no surprise that many people are drawn to live in this state. However, like any place, living in Oregon has its pros and cons. To gain a better understanding of what it's like to reside in this particular place, let's take a look at some user reviews from BestPlaces.net.

According to John D., who currently lives in Portland, Oregon, "The outdoor recreation opportunities here are endless. I love being able to go hiking, skiing, and camping all within a short drive from the city." Similarly, Sarah W. from Eugene, Oregon states, "The natural beauty of Oregon is what made me want to call this place home. The greenery, the mountains, and the ocean all contribute to a peaceful and picturesque environment." These reviews highlight the appeal of Oregon's outdoor lifestyle.

On the other hand, not everyone is satisfied with the cost of living in Oregon. As Alex H. from Salem, Oregon mentions, "Housing prices have skyrocketed in recent years, making it difficult for many people to afford a decent home." Along with housing, the cost of taxes and groceries are also a concern for some residents, according to Jennifer B. from Bend, Oregon, who says, "The high taxes and the rising cost of groceries have become a burden for me and my family."

Overall, it seems that people who choose to live in Oregon value its natural beauty and outdoor opportunities, but may struggle with the increasing cost of living. As David M. from Ashland, Oregon puts it, "I've lived here my whole life and while there are some downsides, the positives far outweigh them. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else." Despite its flaws, Oregon continues to attract and satisfy many residents with its unique charm.

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Great for show. - 11/28/2022
Honestly it's not as bad as people say. I moved out of state, but that's only because Oregon was the only place I knew. I don't regret moving but Oregon as a whole is a very nice place for families. There is great diversity wherever you go and always something to do (assuming you live near a major city ; Portland, Eugene, Medford, Ashland). If you're a nature person then this place is amazing. One thing I did not like was our winters. Im not a cold person. It would be nice if it snowed when it got really cold. Unfortunately it is just freezing and wet (rain). Summers are great, but our oceans are not great to swim in. WAY too cold. If you're wanting warm water then go to Southern California.
While it is an extremely expensive place to live now (almost just as bad as California in terms of living expenses) we have many programs to help people getting into home. However it is easy to get kicked out if you are on drugs, underreport income, etc.

Living expense is the Read More

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Beautiful state mismanaged into something ugly - 4/15/2021
I have lived here for most of my life, throughout the north and southern cities. If I were rating Oregon from ten years ago, it would be 5 stars for the beauty and diverse ecosystems in your backyard. Ten years ago southern Oregon and Portland were beautiful, and the real problems only started to show themselves: obscene property prices ramping up, homeless encampments on the rise, drug use starting to skyrocket. Then five years ago the wildfires really started to show themselves, on a magnitude worse than in all the decades I have been here. In the last five years or so, illegals have been encouraged to move here and compete with the locals for jobs as an underclass which drives wages down.
Basically, Oregon is a beautiful state which is being destroyed by poor forest and wildfires management so that you have entire months of summer in choking smoke and towns burning down, poor governorship which allows homeless to proliferate which brings petty crime and drugs, lack of law Read More

Please make sure you have a job lined up. I'm meeting a lot of people who are having to move back to other states or are really struggling because most places don't pay past $10--12 (even bank tellers, medical/nurse aids) and if you have a family to feed without any plans in sight moving here might not be a good idea. The housing assistance list has a long wait---so if you plan on moving here "for an easy ride" it might take a while. Most Jobs require a current Oregon ID and license/background check as well----so if you're illegal, you will have a hard time finding a job. 66% of us voted against gving illegals drivers licenses----Portland progressives might want illegals here but the majority of us DO NOT. Portland is great for progressives but the rest of the state is strict and law enforcement are quick to do their jobs without pity. We are "down the middle" as far as politics go. In a nutshell: Oregon wages are VERY low. Rents are very high and employers are picky. Property taxes Read More

Seniors relocating to Oregon... - 8/8/2018
We want to relocate to Oregon next summer. I'm not sure where. We need cooler temps in the summer, maybe 80s? but not too cold, rainy, windy or snowy in the winter.Low reasonable rent. Good health care, with access to primary care, specialists, neurologist.Gym, outdoor senior recreation, indoor recreation and crafts.Was thinking Bend? Read More

The Best Place To Live, Play, Retire - 2/15/2017
Oregon is one of the most beautiful states I have ever been to. It has so much greenery and trees and water it makes you confused about the words "drought". You can ski then surf in the same day. I am in love with this state and never want to Read More

Retirement - 3/9/2016
Like your Read More

Nothing Beats Oregon. - 11/30/2015
I am 16 years of age, and I have lived in Oregon all my life. I love the rain and gray, it makes me happy, everyone has different weather preferences. I wouldn't move anywhere else if given the opportunity. I live in rockwood, with portland city being a short drive. It's a wonderfully fun city with coffee, book stores, food trucks, and other strange dives galore. Oregon also inspired one of the best cartoons ever on Disney XD. Best of all Oregon is beautifully green, with trees as far as the eye can Read More

Brookings, Oregon - 9/29/2015
Just read your worst place to live in Oregon review regarding Brookings, Oregon. I could not imagine that you were talking about the same town. I have lived here for the past 15 years and have to say unless you love to hang out at a mall this is a beautiful, quiet, friendly community to live in. The weather here is fabulous! Never too hot nor too cold. Similar to the bay area without the high prices and the crowds. The only air quality problem here is the fact that they still allow burn days, other than that the air is wonderful. A California Read More

looking for a place to live in oregon - 6/24/2015
Looking for a place to live in Oregon . About 1/2 acre and if possible a small stream. Within 30 miles of Kaiser Medical Read More

Everything I Could Want - 5/30/2015
I live in Portland, Oregon. Don't believe the hype, but DO believe that it's an interesting, challenging (at times, as all cities are), beautiful city in which to live. One of Portland's great strengths is its proximity to every sort of landscape you may crave. Everything you could want, from beaches to mountains to prairie and scrub, is within a couple hours drive. I've never enjoyed another state more. I'll always want to see other places, but Oregon will always be home. Read More