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It has it's good and bad - 12/4/2017
I've lived in Washington, New York and Arizona. I enjoy Washington overall but there are some problems with the state for me that irritate me.

It's varied with its terrain and climates. Western WA is wetter and mild/cool, whereas Eastern WA is a swing between hot and cold and much drier, like California and Arizona. The mountains are beautiful and there's tons of work in select markets. The problem is that, as of the last few years, it's become expensive to live in the greater Seattle area and there have been a surge of increased taxes and insane politics from rabid liberals that have really cut through what was a more moderate place in cost and politics.

I love the sports scene in the state, though it's mostly the west side that gets all the high profile teams (makes sense). I've lived in several cities in/around Seattle as well as the Tri-Cities area. I'm considering moving to Spokane in the future depending on a few things. I love living in this state but Read More

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Are there any AFFORDABLE places to live in Washing - 7/13/2016
I have been looking at the Puget Sound area thinking about retiring there, but it's so cold -- does the Port Angeles/Port Townsend area EVER get above 65?? Housing seems reasonably priced in these areas but I want summer temps of at least 70 degrees! Does anybody know of any other reasonably priced places to live in Washington state or Oregon? I'd like to be near water if possible (either the ocean or a lake) but realize I may not be able to afford it. I know Washington is somewhat high-priced in some areas, but since it's so pretty and green, I'm hoping I can find some place where $40,000 or so a year is adequate. Any thoughts will be Read More

Looking for Warmer Climate - 1/14/2016
Looking for a warmer area to Read More

Internet/WiFi availablity in Sequim/Port Angeles - 11/1/2015
My family is considering relocating out of a big city in Northern Cal to the quiet rural pleasures of the PNW. Specifically, the Olympic Penn intrigues me. My family is originally from Canada so the idea of moving closer to my Dad's relatives has always been strong. (I was born in CA.) My husband works for a big company but he would need a strong internet or WiFi connection to work in Sequim or Port Angeles. The house we are looking at is located on Taylor Cutoff Rd. It def look remote - in a good way. Can you tell me about the technology available in this area? Is PA a better option for connectivity? It just seems even further from Seattle, which is where my husband would need to travel to about twice a month. I recall reading an article about cell towers and it wasn't good.  Read More

The bluest skies are in Seattle ... - 10/24/2015
.. but only because the greyest ones are too. For about 4 months out of the year it's beautiful here. Brilliant sunshine, crystal clear skies and warm (sometimes too warm) temperatures. Scenery is beautiful especially if you like green. The remaining 8 months are dreary, drab and grey. If it's not raining it's overcast. Read More

Washington - 10/17/2015
Great economic opportunities and Read More

Best Places is one the best relocation service on - 7/14/2015
Bert Sperling's page has helped me and my family finally nail down where we want to live next... And we have chosen Washington State, and the only way we could have come to that conclusion was by using everything Sperling's Best Places had to offer. The side by side city comparisons was my favorite resource but definitely not the last! Thanks Bert!!!!! Read More

Great Place to Work and Live - 5/20/2015
Any suggestions on what areas in Washington that is great to raise a Read More

You Could Do Better... - 2/17/2015
I was born in 1967 and have lived all over these wonderful United States. From Queen Anne in Seattle to Coconut Grove in Miami...I mean I've lived all over the place. Vermont, Chicago, California and Kansas City. And the list goes on and on.
I mainly grew up in Seattle and have lived in Bellingham, Raymond and Issaquah Washington as well. Unfortunately it's not as great as the brochure would tell you. Yes, there are parts that don't even see crime and yes, cannabis is legal. I have run on every trail you can think of in Western Washington...I'm still waiting to see Bigfoot, that bastard owes me money.
But I digress.
I started a business here in Seattle in 1992 and sold it last year (2014)...The business was successful and I am lucky because of it. Got a great wife and a 6 year old daughter who is more of a smart aleck than Jim Carrey. Not sure if that's a good thing. What were we talking about?
Oh yes, you could do better than Washington. Sure, there are the Read More

The Inland Northwest - 10/9/2014
We enjoy the climate, geography, demographic and culture of the Inland Northwest. A location that enjoys all four seasons with Spring sometime hanging on well into summer. Summers are dry, warm, winters are cold with average Read More

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