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Problems with our Principal: Dripping Springs Elem
Star Rating - 10/17/2014
Our new principal, Tricia Hassell, has alienated a large group of parents and teachers based on her actions and the culture she has created during her first year in the school district. Interestingly, a majority of the feedback from from her prior school district in Michigan resonates with similar concerns and critiques as our own.
James | Dripping Springs, TX
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This wildly inaccurate review was written by James Bisett, a known bully in the community. His views are false, hurtful, and do not represent our wonderful principal or our great school. This untrue review needs to be removed from this website. If James doesn't get his way in our town, he leaves hate or lies on the internet-- the very definition of an internet bully / troll. The parents and staff of Dripping Springs are very proud of principal Tricia Hassell and her fine educational accomplishments with our kids.
Gordon | Dripping Springs, TX | Report Abuse
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