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The Next Dallas...
Star Rating - 5/15/2018
This city will be the NEXT Dallas.. Or what Dallas was in it's PEAK YEARS (minus the fact that NC has a state tax lol)

The Uptown Charlotte area is INCREDIBLE and really actually has/did "impress me". I own a condo off McKinney in Uptown Dallas and, even with that, the Uptown Charlotte REALLY impressed me

It's Dallas withOUT the pretentiousness and WITH the "Southern charm"

We will see.
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- 12/10/2022
Charlotte, NC is Nicest City in USA to live
My favorite city to live year round with 4 seasons. We love Charlotte NC...
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- 9/26/2022
Could Use Some Work
This city has a lot of potential, but it could use some work. For example, it seems to lac...
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- 9/27/2021
Pretty, Easy City
Very new transplant (~6 weeks) so first impressions and reasons why I moved here: -great...
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Based on Personal Perception
Six years ago I accepted a transfer to work in Charlotte NC and, now, I can't wait to get ...
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- 3/29/2021
Super Sprawl City
Super Sprawl city. Very clean, racially diverse, and appears economically strong. The down...
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- 2/6/2021
Not for everyone
Pro: clean, dog friendly, job opportunities, rent cost, lakes and a lot of trees everywher...
Susana | Charlotte, NC | 1 Reply

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