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Not for everyone
Star Rating - 2/6/2021
Pro: clean, dog friendly, job opportunities, rent cost, lakes and a lot of trees everywhere.
Contra: boring, suburbs lifestyle,
I moved from Miami to Charlotte two years ago. I wanna leave.
I know that rate as boring a place is subjective, but the only way you won't consider this place boring is because you come from most boring place. It is pretty and clean, but I live in Ballantyne, south center is more expensive, I don't think cheaper places look pretty.
I have lived in many different cities around the world, and visited as tourists a lot, this city is for retirement or people who is used to live in suburbs towns, who like to go to the lake, and it is used to no see people around. The best choice during pandemic thought

Susana | Charlotte, NC
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Charlotte has the Lake crowd, the sports crowd, the party crowd, the theater crowd, the craft beer crowd and any crowd one wants. It is a city that is composed of 20 percent of the population from another country and overall 40 percent of the population from some other place. It is very pretty and clean. the biggest minus is that there is no ocean or mountain within 50 miles. It isn't NYC but must be better since it is the number #1 destination for that crowd.
Arthur | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse
- 3/29/2021
Super Sprawl City
Super Sprawl city. Very clean, racially diverse, and appears economically strong. The down...
Ernest H. | Aloha, OR | 2 Replies

- 10/1/2020
Charlotte is a boring city with no identity
I lived in Charlotte 10 years. I've grown to despise Charlotte in that time period. Litera...
Fakle | Scottsdale, AZ | 6 Replies

- 6/27/2019
For Heaven’s Sake!
At first glance Charlotte appears to be an attractive place for families and singles of al...
Keith | Kings Mountain, NC | 6 Replies

- 6/23/2019
Charlotte is a tiny dump surrounded by suburban sp
This isn't a city, it's a sprawling suburb with jammed roads and nowhere really to go or d...
Thomas | Leicester, NC | 2 Replies

- 6/4/2019
Charlotte - the best city for me.
I moved to Charlotte in 2003 and still live here now. I've lived in Charleston SC, Denver...
Cameron | Fort Mill, SC | 7 Replies

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