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Star Rating - 7/25/2015
Please let me hear from people ages 60 and up who live in Edmonds and what it is like. Going to move next year to be nearer my son. Thanks!
Susan | Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Positives: Nice views, farmers market, cute shops, restaurants, galleries.Small and away from the congestion of the rest of the Puget Sound area to some extent. Organizations and churches where you can volunteer. Senior center with activities and friendly people, (but in a shabby uninviting building) Negatives: railroad noise (interferes with enjoying the beach), noise from police and fire sirens around the Civic Playfield area. Many condos are available in that area, but it is noisier than living a few blocks farther away, which you can do and still be within walking distance of enjoying the downtown blocks. If you do find a place near the Civic Playfield, plan to leave for the weekend that the Taste of Edmonds is held there. There are stages with loud amplified music going for hours each day and evening of the festival and people have complained that their windows vibrate from the sound. Citizen complaints and suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. The larger Seattle area provides cultural opportunities but you have to make up your mind to be stuck in traffic in order to participate. Public transportation is not adequately funded, so difficult to use.
Jack | Edmonds, WA

Do you still need a review? I live here - 31 years.
Charlene | Lynnwood, WA
- 2/11/2012
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- 7/5/2009
You couldn't ask for more during the summer. Water, mountains, blue sky and heat....
Chad | Edmonds, WA | No Replies

- 9/4/2008
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