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Best place ever
Star Rating - 4/9/2015
Located in Santa Fe county, NM. Retired here from the Air Force. Quick access to Albuquerque (20 min). Climate is mild in the summer, snow melts in a day typically in the winter. Its country but has access to WalMart, Smiths, DQ, McDonalds, Sonic, Dennys, Dominos and Pizza Barn, Tractor Supply, Auto Zone and O'Reileys, Post office, Ford Dealership. Growing fast! A horse park, wildlife zoo, library. Plenty of churches.

Police is City, State and County. Fire is county. Great responses by all agencies since living here since 2010. Lots of schools. Snow removal on public roads is good. Electric is coop. City water is a well. Washing your car can be an adventure as its hard; we have a salt water treatment unit for the household; no issues. Jury duty is in Santa Fe; pretty far @ 70 miles.

Nice and quiet. Crime is low but recommend alarm on house. Zero theft on our property. Everybody is friendly in public areas, but some folks value their privacy on their property; better to be invited first.

I like it and dont plan on moving again, ever.
keith | Edgewood, NM
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