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Star Rating - 10/3/2016
Well I guess I'm late to the posts but maybe someone new will want info. I have lived here for 18 years. Growing up in CA. Way different. In response to other posts, the crime here is not bad until you get to the cities like newport news, Hampton, Norfolk. Very bad. Visiting is great. Colonial williamsburg , Busch Gardens, and so on. Other than that forget it. It is very hot and humid and damp and cold in winter. Cloudy and gloomy about half the time year round. On the good side schools are great, the area is clean and well maintained. Has a small town feel but still all the shopping and restaurants one could need. This area consists of 3 categories. retired, college and military. If you don't fall into one of those you may not like it here. The people seem to be very conservative or just depressed. Maybe weather related. Friendly but hard to get to's hard to be motivated when surrounded by people who are not. The economy however is bad if you come to work and no improvement in sight. Wages are crazy low so turnover is high.

Karen | Toano, VA
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I have lived in Chesapeake and currently in Williamsburg since 2005. You nailed it with how it is here. I'm from Northern California and I miss the dryer heat. We are looking to leave here in the near future and head to Oro Valley, Az.
Lisa | Williamsburg, VA
- 6/21/2014
Crime rate in Williamsburg
It is much higher than reported. Police cover up for the wealthy or well connected. Rapi...
Gail | Williamsburg, VA | No Replies

- 5/3/2014
Really think twice about living here.
As a Northerner and a person of color, I found this area to be the worst place I've lived ...
kares | Williamsburg, VA | No Replies

- 9/24/2011
History buffs
Very nice area for history buffs. Colonial Williamsburg is terrific, while nearby is James...
Tom | Williamsburg, VA | No Replies

- 3/13/2011
Quality of Life
Williamsburg, the former Colonial capital of Virginia, inspires many retirees who choose t...
Kevin | Williamsburg, VA | No Replies

- 7/5/2010
Excellent opportunities
The College of William & Mary has all kinds of cultural offerings, particularly in dramati...
Howard | Williamsburg, VA | No Replies

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