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The facts about Pittsburgh
Star Rating - 7/12/2019
Here are the facts about Pittsburgh that can be Googleable:

- 305 days of cloud cover and high rates of seasonal depression
- 7th most congested city in the United States due to poor infrastructure
- Top 2% cancer risk due to air pollution
- Consistent F ratings for air quality by the American Lung Association every year
- In Pennsylvania which is rated 49th out of 50 for total tax burden (city, county, and state)
- Among the lowest job growth of any large metro in the country
- Lead levels in the water surpass Flint, Michigan
- Among the least diverse large cities in the United States
- Allegheny County has the highest amount of automobile crashes than other county in the state
- Nicknamed the "City of Bridges" but over 3000 bridges in the state of PA have been deemed structurally deficient
- Has lost population for nearly 70 years and counting

Those are the facts, not opinions. There are reasons why people have been moving away for generations.
Frank | Pittsburgh, PA
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Frank's review above is very one-sided, misleading and often flat-out wrong. Counterpoints: - Pittsburgh has 160 sunny days each year. Some of these days also have some clouds. Is anyone really looking for Las-Vegas-like solar radiation? - Pennsylvania's overall tax burden is ranked 23rd highest (pretty much right in the middle of all states). - With population slightly decreasing but GDP growing you can expect congestion to lessen and infrastructure to improve. - Following local, state and federal efforts, Flint, Michigan drinking water is now cleaner than many cities. Pittsburgh water lead levels were nowhere near the levels found in Flint. - Allegheny county is the 2nd most populated county and has more roads than any other county. You should expect it to have close to the highest number of car crashes. It always bothers me when people claim to be dealing in facts when they obviously are trying to mislead others with selective statistics.
David | Melbourne Beach, FL
- 5/30/2019
Pittsburgh is horrible
First of all, the rainfall is wrong. We've been averaging 57 inches of rain per year. All ...
Samantha | Monroeville, PA | No Replies

- 4/3/2018
This place has no sun. This winter has been hard. We are in April and Next 2 week foreca...
K | Aliquippa, PA | 2 Replies

- 11/28/2017
Good and Bad..depends on what you are looking for
Hi, born in Germany, grew up in Queens/Manhattan. Lived in Ohio, Cali, PA, CT, MI and Euro...
Karl | Avella, PA | No Replies

- 11/8/2017
As a native that has always been in personal conflict with the non tolerant experiences I ...
Natalie | Pittsburgh, PA | No Replies

- 2/10/2017
Harsh and Repressive
I am not sure where Bert got his information, from what I can tell he based his evaluation...
Rhonda | Pittsburgh, PA | 5 Replies

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