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Big mistake moving here
Star Rating - 4/7/2018
We relocated from Miami mainly to escape the outrageous real estate prices and rude people. I researched places to move and decided to settle in Charlotte. We purchased a home and the school assigned is decent. There is not much to do unless you want to drive 1-3 hours to the mountains or the ocean. The taxes are extremely high. But none of this bothered me as much as to consider moving than the constant spraying they do in the sky. In the last two weeks we have had 1 day of blue skies. Planes are constantly spraying chemtrails and the sky is constantly overcast. The day starts off with the sky blue and sunny and then the planes come out to spray and completely ruin the day. After the day start to clear up all that crap they come out again in the evening. Locals either tell me they are used to it and others tell me its just contrails which they are not. This is not normal and it’s quite worrisome. There have been protests but nothing gets done. In a town close by to me called Huntersville 19 people have been diagnoses with a rare eye cancer and now the same cluster is being reported in a town called Gastonia. I’m terribly devasted that we need to move again because I do not feel our health is safe here.
Veronica | Charlotte, NC
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chemtrails aren't real. Do your research someway other than googling for specifically what you want to see :)
Crystill | Gaffney, SC | Report Abuse

I agree. I live about 40 minutes South East of Charlotte, in Union county, and try to avoid Charlotte. Traffic is bumper to bumper all the time, typical big city crime, and doesn't feel like the South to me, with the invasion of sophisticated, liberal, "highly educated" professionals from liberal states.
William | Indian Trail, NC | Report Abuse
- 12/10/2022
Charlotte, NC is Nicest City in USA to live
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Pretty, Easy City
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Susana | Charlotte, NC | 1 Reply

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