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HORRIBLE place to live
Star Rating - 10/11/2021
I've lived in San Jose, CA for 25 years. This city is being over run with crime and gangs. The cost of living is very high. Granted, you are so close to mountains, beaches, hiking, museums, restraurants, etc. but it has quickly become so NOT worth it when you lie in bed each night with police helicopters above telling you to stay inside and not come out and the homeless people are brandishing knives and weapons and people are brazenly breaking into your home in broad daylight when you are home. It's a HORRIBLE place to live.
Donna | San Jose, CA
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I've lived here all my life, in San Jose for 20 years, and the helicopters have always been up there at night. San Jose has over 1 Million residents, you have to factor in the crime and everything else. One thing is certain, SJPD have been understaffed for years, crime is out of hand. Anything not bolted down on your porch, don't expect it to be there long. Homelessness, car theft, home burglaries are definitely continuing to rise. High taxes, cost of living, and the threats to your security can put too much stress on people to live here. I love the south bay area, but I'm afraid once I retire, I'm going to leave the area for less stressful living.
Brendan | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse

I lived in 95129 for 40 years. Same experiences. Local places and mountains are/were nice; until they got so crowded they were no longer enjoyable. Car vandalism is horrible. People can no longer park in their own driveways. Had to move in 2019.
Samantha | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse

lived in the south bay west valley area for 55 years retired and found we could have a much better life in Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs area less traffic homes for half the price of San Jose
russel | Rancho Mirage, CA | Report Abuse
- 10/14/2022
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cheryl | San Jose, CA | No Replies

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Ken | San Jose, CA | 2 Replies

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Bruce | San Jose, CA | 1 Reply

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