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Star Rating - 1/7/2010
I enjoyed the review of living in Lakeland for 17 years. Unfortunately I could not read the end of it, as it seems to have run out of space. I would like to have read the remainder of it. I have visited Lakeland and do enjoy it for its location and cost of living. I also like the fact it feels like an actual community with a downtown, with the lakes and walking areas. It is not overwhelming in population and traffic jams. I toy with the idea of retiring there. I have some concerns about the area though. My biggest concern is that it may not be welcoming to all. There are some strong overtones in the culture I have noticed when visiting, that it is a very conservative culture based region. I don't mind the culture or the conservative views. I do however mind if I am not welcomed there, and then made to feel I have no right to notice it or its effects. I have found no other community in Fla like Lakeland for its small city feel that seems very self contained with shopping, Medical and close proximity to other large metro's. Unfortunately though my concerns seem to be more than just concerns, I feel there is something to them based on both instincts and observations. I wonder has anyone else observed or felt Lakeland is very nice, but may be difficult for some people from elsewhere.
Jim | Sun City West, AZ
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There is no conservative view here. Are you kidding? They love drugs, tattos, sex and beer. They believe they are entitled to everythign you have and shouldn't have to work because they get free food (foodstamps). Those are liberal views not conservative. They are rude and nasty and very poorly educated that isn't conservative or anything else. The thing you need to understand is no one is welcome in Lakeland and that has nothing to do with anything other than lakeland!
Melissa | Lakeland, FL
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