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Unlivable unless your rich.
Star Rating - 11/22/2018
I was born and raised here and it was a beautiful place. Now, its almost unlivable. Too many people moving here and in the last 4 years rent has risen hundreds of was $1000 for my studio apartment when i left...whrn i fist moved in it was $535. Homeless population is growing to outrageous numbers. And not to mention crime is rampant. Its become so over crowded.
Alisha | Scappoose, OR
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I’m new here and I apologize for being part of the problem, and I can relate to what you wrote, it all seems very true to me. What I notice is that property developers are all building the same type of new thing - living spaces for people who will pay 2k rent per month for small-ish 1 or 2 BR apartments. Or, new 3BR/2BA homes for purchase, in the 600-750k range. This seems really badly matched to the middle class incomes of the city. It’s like they’re building for the tenants and home buyers they hope to get, not the tenants and buyers that actually exist in portland today. Most smart cities address this issue with basic City Planning, a profession that is at least 400 years old in its currently recognizable form. I’m not sure why this balance is so “badly calibrated” in Portland. Usually this happens when you mix ignorance, inexperience and corruption - and I’m talking about the developers, not just the city govt.
Ray | Portland, OR
- 2/3/2020
Antifa and Homelessness, name a more iconic duo
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Portland is only for the rich now.
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- 12/14/2019
i hate it it is so stupid wouldnt recomend ...
dgfsdt | Hamlet, IN | 3 Replies

- 10/22/2019
The people are bigger drips than the rain.
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steve | Albuquerque, NM | 1 Reply

- 9/5/2019
its good
enough said...
Amadeo | Sherwood, OR | No Replies

- 9/3/2019
Homeless Drug Addict Utopia; Hell for Families
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