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Dismal Grey Miserable Place to live!
Star Rating - 2/26/2019
Okay I'm sure that there are simple minded apologists and Toledo fanatics out there who just absolutely love living in this dismal dreary hell hole. That's great you stay here.... I'm leaving! I have lived in the Toledo area and surrounding Northwest Ohio for 55 years. Needless to say I was bored with the area decades ago but stayed put because of two things, my kids and because this place has a way of thinking its talons into you and not letting go. Now finally at age 55 with my kids in their teens we are moving to Arizona. There is no perfect place in the world to live but Toledo Ohio has seen its best days and they will never ever return! Not only is the weather horrible 7 months out of the year with cold rainy icy snowy crap, but then on top of that you have a bad economy, and nothing to do. Yes I know there's a great zoo and a great museum. There are better in museums and better zoos too around the country. There are three things basically to do in the city. Eat, go to the zoo, visit the museum. and the winter time you are shit out of luck. You can't escape no matter which way you drive unless you're willing to drive 11 hours or more. The people are largely uneducated racist lowlifes. They are here because they were born here and are stuck. There are some better people too, who are here because job of situations etc. I can't stand the people who keep coming on these sites and and praising Ohio and Toledo greatness because there isn't any. Toledo's economy sucks big-time! That's why housing is so cheap here. It can barely afford to pay its bills and always gets on one of the most miserable City lists in the nation. My advice run away and don't ever look back! Anybody who lives in this area and likes it either has never lived anywhere else, has never visited any place else, or is just plain stupid.
John | Perrysburg, OH
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I feel your pain John, I've lived in this hole of an area all my life. I live in Perrysburg but still am shackled to Toledo. I'm so sick of it.
Brian | Perrysburg, OH | Report Abuse

I have lived in the Toledo area for most of my life. What John from Perrysburg has said is true, for the most part. You do not have to be so insulting to the other people of Toledo, in my opinion. We who are staying on in Toledo can not afford to go elsewhere or a lot of us probably would. Being from P'burg you probably are in a position to leave and move to AZ. Just remember, any where you go there will be problems you will need to deal with. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence.
Pdygny | Toledo, OH | Report Abuse

John: I lived in Toledo for 10 years an an AZ native. That was 10 years too long. So happy to be back in Arizona. Have nothing good to say about Toledo. It’s hell on earth.
Scott | Mesa, AZ | Report Abuse
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