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The absolute Pits
Star Rating - 6/22/2019
I was born and raised in The Toledo area, I grew up just over the state line in Bedford twp MI, which is considered a suburb of Toledo. Every bad thing you have heard about this city is true. The Climate is awful, terrible weather 7-8 months of the year.

Ton's of boarded up buildings, roads are in terrible shape, and the downtown is a crime ridden ghost town, all that's missing are tumble weeds. The only thing downtown has to offer is The Mudhen stadium, if your into sports. However, when there is a game, good luck finding a parking spot.

The local government in Toledo and Lucas county are totally incompetent, The People here are very close minded and stuck in there ways, anything new or different is shunned. All people seem to care about is Drinking and watching sports. The mentality of the people here is very stuck in the past as well, always hanging onto some old "used to be, a lot of bitterness. Way too many attitude problems and narcissism. Many Rude and Conceded people live here.

Another problem is, the airport is just about useless. You have to drive over an hour to Detroit to fly anyplace. Also, lack of diverse shopping, again an hour to Detroit or 3 hours to Columbus.

I've come to the conclusion that things are never going to change, at least not in my lifetime. I am almost 40 and am working on trying to find a way out of here, I don't want to live here anymore. The Incompetence, crime, rude people, the blight, and weather. Don't come here!
Brian | Perrysburg, OH
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