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LOLOL!! on a roll, eh, YAR??? If I wasnt laughing so hard, Id actually try to find you a place in Sylvania, or Perrysburg, so you d get a more balanced look..... ((( YAR )))).. Toledo HAS changed.. NOT what she used to be, but what or where is??? Still, LOTS of good people there!!!! From an natural born Toledoan...transplanted elsewhere...
Sandi | Canton, OH | Send Message
- 3/20/2017
High Quality of Life
I have lived in Toledo, Ohio for about 7 years now. Toledo has one of the highest qualitie...
Justin | Toledo, OH | No Replies

- 2/2/2017
Bad vibe living here like doing time
This place has a bad vibe. Yes there are things to do. There is a list that is popular wit...
Shaun | Toledo, OH | No Replies

- 9/23/2014
Toledo "jobs"
Toledo is a very good place to live if your in the health care. Yes Toledo is a Medical Ci...
AJ | Pickerington, OH | No Replies

- 6/16/2014
It ain't horrible
I'd imagine that if you're a blue collar worker with few prospects, Toledo ain't the place...
whatever | Toledo, OH | No Replies

- 10/1/2013
Toledo: Better than its Reputation
Toledo is an affordable city with an unfortunate reputation. Yes, crime is somewhat highe...
Michael | Toledo, OH | 1 Reply

- 4/12/2011
Racial Climate
Although Toledo is racially diverse, I find it sad that this city still remains racially s...
MSRAVN | Toledo, OH | 1 Reply

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