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Tim I'm sorry you feel that way about the Great State of Georgia. However I can imagine that a conservative minded person (right-wing rednecks as you refer to them)may not be really happy living in a place where the people are primarily of the far left liberal ideology either. I've found that most places boil down to being two things primarily, that is a) what are you looking for b) treat people the way You would want to be treated and the vast majority of the time they will respond in like kind, though I realize there are some exceptions. With the latter I just ignore them.
clay | Unadilla, GA | Report Abuse
- 12/12/2016
Georgia Like Any Place Has It's Good & Bad
I was sad to read some of the comments about my home state of Georgia. Many were based on ...
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- 5/4/2016
Cost of Housing listed is misleading
In the cost of living review of Georgia, it shows that housing in Georgia is 75% of the na...
D | Suwanee, GA | 1 Reply

- 2/19/2016
The climate in Georgia is great. It is really hot in the summers. our winters do not last ...
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- 9/11/2015
Living in Atlanta
I moved here to Atlanta two years ago after living in over 14 cities around the country. ...
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- 1/13/2014
overall economy
would like to know at this time overall econmy for teachers, entertainment, cost of living...
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- 5/31/2013
Dont move to atlanta georgia
I moved to atl from ny thinking it would be a better life for my daughters we been here f...
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