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Review of Denver, Colorado

Music and more - not bad for a big city
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
Keep in mind, I am not a city girl! I grew up in rural environment, and have lived in cities, but don't like them too much really.

So I have a lot of good to say about Denver. BUT keep in mind, I did many things there, but my residence was never actually there - I commuted from nearby communities.

But Denver had so much opportunity. I had the best Classical guitar instructor there. I bet he thinks I no longer play, but that's not the case - I sure do! Because of his patience and dedication in teaching me - I am hugely grateful!

I played guitar all over the place, and it was truly appreciated. People were encouraging too.

I was welcomed to be in the schools ( I usually Teach), but did not try it. I think I would have been given a chance, though.

Churches - I am not sure really. I attended one in the southern area of Denver once and it was ok, but in the end, not too good. However, it gave me some chances in music, and I appreciate them for that.

Denver just had many possibilities. I have not really been there for a while - I was there briefly earlier this year, but mostly live someplace else now.

I think Colorado in general has gone downhill since I left in 2015. But it was always good to me (except when I return in 2015 it was not).

Colorado and all up/ down the front range was home for a long time. I love it really - but I doubt I will return there. Too expensive now, and I wasn't very welcomed to come back.

But it was one of the best places I ever lived, prior to 2015.
I truly think the liberal attitude might have become too much that way - I also think the legalization of marijuana really adversely affected Colorado! Sorry to say that and I'll probably get hate comments but whatever.

I just saw it really go downhill after that (and lived there a long time before that).
Brenda | Wichita, KS
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