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Gainesville FL is a great city for young professio
Star Rating - 4/20/2016
I lived in and around Gainesville Florida growing up, attending the University of Florida as a college student, and then moved out of state when I graduated. After living in Dallas, TX and Austin, TX and traveling a lot for work, I can confidently say that Gainesville FL is truly a great place to live as a young professional or a person with a family. As a college student, I often felt like the city lacked a lot of the amenities in a big city like Chicago or New York, but I can now see that it also lacks many of the problems in those big cities (like high crime, high costs of living, high taxes, and high unemployment).

Gainesville has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. It's a great place for a working professional to find a job, and the companies truly want to keep their employees, because it can be a challenge for them to recruit replacements due to the low unemployment. There are great restaurants, wonderful playhouses, great music shows within 2 hours, convenient airports, and there's an excellent school system with some of the top IB programs in the nation. There's no state income tax, and the people in Gainesville have a high amount of education. There's very low crime, and the cost of living is crazy low. The houses and apartments for rent in Gainesville have a lot of variety (you can rent in college student areas, areas with more professors, areas like the Duckpond with historic houses, or you can live in a large apartment complex like those in big cities). The traffic is perhaps the only challenge for me, and even that is far better than you'd find in larger cities in the state like Jacksonville, Tampa, or Orlando.

All in all, an excellent place to live with beautiful weather, a low cost of living, and very low crime. I love it here.
GainesvilleFL | Gainesville, FL
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