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Hell drug hell and corruption
Star Rating - 3/11/2019
I lived here 30 years. There was a time in the 90s when people stated it was bad but really the past 5 or 10 years is worse than the 90s.

There is an extensive amount of backroad low key drug dealing to rapping to launder the money. Google 1900 block. There are shootings affilated with this drama, Missings person and decease: Omar, unknown person 2004 or so, Stacey, Mr. Garrison, concert shooting, another parking garage shooting, BB shooting at crab fest, girls found burnt on racetrack road, ICU fights involving VIP, extensive domestic abuse, abuse of kids, detaining victims and witness because of court corruption when cases filed in mental hospital because the truth is coming put and the lawyers I guess trying to hush it along with corruption, hospital employees selling drugs......the list goes on.

Their all involved is how to survive Gainesville.
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I agree that violent crime seems to be on the increase in certain areas of the city, but not all over. Mostly, it's in the eastern parts of town (SE & NE) and in certain parts of SW. I live in a quiet and nice part of SW, but crime is even coming here, due to so many lower income people from bad neighborhoods moving into some of the Section 8 housing. Lots of theft, car break-ins, and three murders within a half-mile of my apartment in the past two years. I'm leaving Gainesville next year when my current lease is up. I can't take any more. Skyrocketing rents, violent crimes, can't feel safe at all.
Amie | Gainesville, FL | Report Abuse

Gainesville is neither paradise nor nirvana. . . That being said, this guy is a bit off of his nut. . . It can be a decent place to live, or you can go to a part of town where there is indeed rampant crime. . . The surrounding springs and natural areas are great. The University is okay. There are cheap decent areas to live, opulent expensive places to live, and drug filled cesspools with plenty of criminal action. What do you want?
JoJo | Gainesville, FL | Report Abuse

I disagree Gainesville is a nice place to live. I lived in SW area. Clean, conscious of the environment
Ana | Gainesville, FL | Report Abuse

I disagree Gainesville is a nice place to live. I lived in SW area. Clean, conscious of the environment
Ana | Gainesville, FL | Report Abuse

The fact is, in the last 5 years violent crime and property crime have decreased in Gainesville. Your information is an opinion not driven by facts. Moreover, included in the crime stats for Gainesville are the crimes committed but out of town visitors, rivals, etc. during college games.
Marlon | Stafford, VA | Report Abuse
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