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How is Providence RI?
Star Rating - 2/26/2016
I currently live in Rockford IL and just graduated college for broadcasting. I want to move out of this depressing, negative city and was thinking about Providence, Rhode Island to start my career. I would like to be an on-air radio personality. My question is, is it worth traveling all that way? How is the cost of living? Will it be hard to find a job? (Doesn't have to be in broadcasting) What is the crime rate like? What's the minimum wage? How is the economy and people? Is there a lot of opportunity for new broadcasters? How is the night life? Should i continue to look at different cities? I'm looking to move by August. Does anyone have any advice on where I should go and what I should do? I'm looking for smaller cities to live in so I can build my brand.Suggestions well needed.
Skyy | Rockford, IL
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You ask a lot of questions. An innumerable amount to be clear. I'm surprised you didn't ask how many meters Lancaster is from the center of the sun. You asked everything else. "Building my brand". That's funny. You should try working in a haberdashery. Coke vs Pepsi. Study on this and get back to us and let us know which brand you prefer.
edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Hi Skyy, I'm a Rockford native, and I don't blame you for wanting to get out! Did you move to RI? If so, how do you like it? Sam
Samantha | Arlington, VA | Report Abuse
- 8/13/2018
I think I hate this city more then my wife...
RICK | Attleboro, MA | No Replies

- 9/15/2014
Providence is the most pot smoking city US I've ev
And I've been to San Francisco and Seattle, so that's saying a lot. If you like pot, go...
Matthew | Providence, RI | 3 Replies

- 7/30/2013
New England Weather!
Winter is wet and cold, summer is humid and hot, spring has a ton of rain (sometimes snow ...
Apoc | North Providence, RI | No Replies

- 5/28/2012
Providence has several colleges and universities within the city. It is the home of "Water...
Rosemary | Providence, RI | No Replies

- 7/25/2010
real esate market
There is not alot of joy here in Rhode Island as the real estate market has been hit pret...
karen | Providence, RI | No Replies