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Providence is the most pot smoking city US I've ev
Star Rating - 9/15/2014
And I've been to San Francisco and Seattle, so that's saying a lot.

If you like pot, good for you, my annoyance is with all the people who smoke pot plainly in public. I smoke cigars and I always ask if anyone minds before I stink up the place. My manners tell me pot smokers should too, not everyone wants to go home or back to work after lunch smelling of second hand pot smoke.

Instead, the pot smokers here will say "They're going to make it legal any day now" or "It's only a minor citation with a ticket" as if that justifies puffing resinous smoke on the people near you.

I've been in conversations with people who, without pausing or missing a single word, will whip out their stash, clean a bowl full, stuff their little pipe, light up, and toke away. Or my conversation will be interrupted by some stranger at the next table courteously passing the joint and the person I'm talking to will put me on hold while she/he takes a drag. Or some ALT type walking down the sidewalk will be puffing away while talking on a cell phone and mindlessly flick ashes on me as I pass. And I'm tired of all the foil pouches from nasty fruit flavored blunt wrappers blowing around the sidewalks.


Matthew | Providence, RI
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