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Providence, Rhode Island Reviews

Providence, Rhode Island is an amazing city filled with a range of activities and attractions that make it a great place to visit. It is known for its historic downtown area, beautiful parks, and bustling nightlife. From historical sites such as the Roger Williams National Memorial to modern attractions like the Providence Riverwalk, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city. Visitors can enjoy a variety of museums, restaurants, shopping districts, outdoor activities and more. In addition to its many attractions, Providence also has many positive reviews from travelers who have visited the city. They praise its picturesque scenery, excellent restaurants and lively entertainment options. The city’s friendly locals are often mentioned as well. All these qualities make Providence one of the most popular cities in New England for visitors looking for a memorable trip.

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LOVIN IT - 8/13/2018
I think I hate this city more then my Read More

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How is Providence RI? - 2/26/2016
I currently live in Rockford IL and just graduated college for broadcasting. I want to move out of this depressing, negative city and was thinking about Providence, Rhode Island to start my career. I would like to be an on-air radio personality. My question is, is it worth traveling all that way? How is the cost of living? Will it be hard to find a job? (Doesn't have to be in broadcasting) What is the crime rate like? What's the minimum wage? How is the economy and people? Is there a lot of opportunity for new broadcasters? How is the night life? Should i continue to look at different cities? I'm looking to move by August. Does anyone have any advice on where I should go and what I should do? I'm looking for smaller cities to live in so I can build my brand.Suggestions well Read More

Providence is the most pot smoking city US I've ev - 9/15/2014
And I've been to San Francisco and Seattle, so that's saying a lot.

If you like pot, good for you, my annoyance is with all the people who smoke pot plainly in public. I smoke cigars and I always ask if anyone minds before I stink up the place. My manners tell me pot smokers should too, not everyone wants to go home or back to work after lunch smelling of second hand pot smoke.

Instead, the pot smokers here will say "They're going to make it legal any day now" or "It's only a minor citation with a ticket" as if that justifies puffing resinous smoke on the people near you.

I've been in conversations with people who, without pausing or missing a single word, will whip out their stash, clean a bowl full, stuff their little pipe, light up, and toke away. Or my conversation will be interrupted by some stranger at the next table courteously passing the joint and the person I'm talking to will put me on hold while she/he takes a drag. Or some ALT type Read More

New England Weather! - 7/30/2013
Winter is wet and cold, summer is humid and hot, spring has a ton of rain (sometimes snow as last as April), however the best season is Fall. It is not too hot, not too Read More

Providence - 5/28/2012
Providence has several colleges and universities within the city. It is the home of "Waterfire", an outdoor event that takes place on the river that flows through the center of the town, bring in visitors from all over. There are interesting museums, art galleries, a performing arts center, indoor shopping mall with a movie theater and Imax. Providence has a childrens museum, a zoo with a botanical garden, and an outdoor ice skating rink. There is wonderful architecture and streets made for walking. Last but not least, there are so many wonderful restaurants you could have a difficult time deciding where to Read More

real esate market - 7/25/2010
There is not alot of joy here in Rhode Island as the real estate market has been hit pretty hard. This of course has been spurred by the high unemployment rate. I live in a pocket of RI called the East Side where the people here maintain their above average lifestyles. I think the people who migrate to a section of the world make up the landscape. Yes. we have beautiful beaches and fine restaurants but if people are hurting and hopeless for the future, what good is it? It's no good. Read More

should i move - 8/12/2008
i live in providence ri, working as a life skill couch making 24,000 a yr.and i have a cdl class A licence to drive tractor trailor with no experiance.
my sister is moving to durham,nc shoule i move, would i be able to find Read More

Providence Culutre and Rec. - 5/4/2008
Of all the smaller (200,000 people)New england cities, I'd say Providence has the most going on in a wide area of fun: great restaurants , clubs, sailing, bicycling, kayaking, fishing, sailing, theater etc. The cities a bit haphazardly glued together, with people from many backgrounds, sometimes barely getting along. It certainly wouldn't win a politeness award,but it feels real in a down to earth way, yet still having a lot of Read More

East Side of Providence near Brown University - 3/23/2008
Providence . . . an old city reborn
The national media is abuzz! MSN named Providence to its list of top ten places in America to live, calling it the “most improved city” in the nation. The New York Times headline reads, "Providence Begins To See Its Future . . ." Forbes Magazine named Providence among the top 50 places in the country for business and careers. Similarly, Money Magazine named Providence as the best city in the East for young professionals because of our superb quality of life. In 2007, the National Trust named Providence one of the dozen most distinctive destinations in the US, and the list goes on and on!
In the last few years, Downtown Providence has been undergoing a striking renaissance that has added an official Arts and Entertainment District and European style to its classic New England beauty. Out-of-State real estate developers have recently discovered Providence and are currently investing more than 3 billion dollars, building high-rise hotels Read More

these contributors depress me - 2/25/2008
I don't get all the negative comments about Providence. We like it here. WE moved here from Massachusetts 12 years ago and have great jobs, made money in real estate, just bought an East Side condo just for the weekends and are enjoying life. I have never been in a prettier little city with great neighborhoods, fantastic architecture, restaurants and galleries. We are close to the beach, close to the mountains and close to all sorts of interesting people to meet.

When you find that place on earth without any crime and/or political hacks.... you must be in heaven then. Get over Read More
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