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Star Rating - 1/31/2008
Kyle is located on the I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio. We moved there nearly 4 years ago after having been driven out of Austin due to the cost of living and the poor schools. Kyle is part of the Hays Independent School District; the schools are wonderful. We selected Kyle because of the schools and due to the fact that at the time, Kyle was a small town of approximately 7,000 people. This is no longer the case; Kyle is now a Boom town.

During the 1990's and early 2000's the city of Austin spilled over to the North and to the East swallowing cities such as Pflugarville, Round Rock and Manor. Not that the growth in those areas has occured, people are heading south. Manchaca and Buda are now essentially part of Austin. The growth is reaching into Kyle. Estimates are that we will be a city of nearly 50,000 by the 2010 census. We were less than 6,000 at the 2000 census.

Unfortunately, the growth has not been well managed. Our infrastructure cannot handle the growth. This has been evidenced in our water problems and road and transportation issues. In an effort to attract needed resources such as a grocery store and other population sustaining industries, the city has given far too much away in tax incentives and has granted too many variances to existing building ordinances and restrictions. Not that our city ordinances were overly strong to begin with, but we often find ourselves in uncharted terretory and the developers are taking advantage of the city's lack of experience and preparation to deal with issues that arise.

Kyle was a wonderful place to live, but no longer. We have come to the determination that there is no where along the I 35 corridor that will remain unchanged. It is no longer possible to have a small town life between San Antonio and Austin.
denise | Kyle, TX
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Are you still living in Kyle? Any updates? Are there still issues with the infrastructure, water problems, transportation, etc? Do you own your home there?
Tim | Los Angeles, CA | Report Abuse
- 4/13/2020
It is a great hub between two mega cities!
I have lived in Kyle for six months now. I left the Bell County area for better opportunit...
Dean | Kyle, TX | No Replies

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