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It is a great hub between two mega cities!
Star Rating - 4/13/2020
I have lived in Kyle for six months now. I left the Bell County area for better opportunity to grow and I loved how this area is booming. I purchased my first home ( right around the median price) and my commute to San Marcos is an easy 15 minute drive. If you are not commuting to Austin traffic is a breeze.

Advantages of relocating in Kyle:
Job Outlook: If you are looking for a technology sector this is a great place. Kyle has recently approved the Korean based company HQ site ENF, SmileDirect, and has plans to expand downtown into something like the Domain out of Austin. The city also has plans to expand the section between Home Depot and the EVO movie theater into a multi commercial property center. As you can see plenty of activity for this once small town and these multiple business projects will bring in millions of dollars for Kyle. Plus these are quality high tech jobs you could find in Austin with a fraction of the cost of living.
Housing: The house market is skyrocketing with the value of land increasing every year it is a great time to invest in a new home. The pace of new homes cannot keep up with the influx of people relocating. I was lucky and found a home I absolutely loved.
Utilities: Spectrum dominates this area with up to 1GBps in some areas. You can expect to receive at least 200MBps for an affordable price. Electric is ran by one provider called PEC ( a cooperation) and gas is with Texas gas services. Refuse is provided by a third party contractor which rolls in recycling and green waste with its program.
Parks: I have not been but there are numerous parks and trails to go to. There is also a couple lakes to visit as well.
Disadvantages of relocating in Kyle:
Housing: Property taxes are higher compared to San Marcos or New Braunfels. Also if you are expecting a small town this is not the place. Try Wimberly instead. Lastly, HOA's dominate the market. Expect to pay an added $30-$80 a month in HOA fees if purchasing a home.
Traffic: There is really one main exit for all your commercial services (Kyle PKWY) and it gets heavily congested around peak times. Walmart is on one side, Heb is on the other, and then all other properties scattered around. It is a nightmare after work so try to avoid peak times to shop if you can. Although Kyle is improving roads all the time (currently there's about 5 different improvements) it cannot keep up with the influx. Expect it to get worse around town before it gets better.
Entertainment: Although there is some entertainment in Kyle I feel there is not enough and you would have to commute to other cities for that. Do not expect a night life here.

All in all, I think the pros far outweigh the cons. It is a great hub between two mega cities with all the perks of not actually living there. There is plenty of growth and new businesses to fill in the void.

Dean | Kyle, TX
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