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glenwood springs isnt at all what you think
Star Rating - 9/3/2014
Glenwood springs colorado is nowhere near the best place to live, its actually one of the most anal politically incorrect places I have ever lived, the police are negative wanna be ghetto thugs who dream of nothing more than actually being able to shoot and ask questions later, the business owners are crooked as crooked gets and 90% of the ppl who live here are in so much dept their great grandchildren will not be able to pay it,,..over all the quality of life in the roaring fork valley sucks...
Christopher | Glenwood Springs, CO
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I agree, I lived in the Roaring Fork Valley (Glenwood Springs to Aspen) for 22 years. The area is nothing more than a bunch of 'Money Mongers, liars, and thieves'. The rent is astronomical for what is offered, land is overpriced, and landlords; like I said, (MMs) will not make repairs until you have to report them to the housing authorities! Crime is going up. The town of Carbondale (once a quaint artistic cultural town; is now Llittle Mexico with the crime, too! Don't go there unless you are a billionaire and can live in Aspen; however, you will then be around the snootie kind, maybe you like that?
Deborah | Myrtle Creek, OR
- 8/23/2016
You may think it's a good place to live
I agree, I lived in the Roaring Fork Valley (Glenwood Springs to Aspen) for 22 years. The...
Deborah | Myrtle Creek, OR | No Replies

- 10/12/2012
Glenwood Springs Named Most Fun Town in America
Rand McNally named Glenwood Springs the "Most Fun Town in America" for a good reason. Wor...
Marianne | Carbondale, CO | No Replies

- 10/12/2012
Colorado Mountain College Offers Baccaleaurate Deg
Glenwood Springs does have 4-year degrees offered by Colorado Mountain College. The Color...
Marianne | Carbondale, CO | No Replies

- 11/29/2007
Rich people in Aspen
The cost of housing is out of control here. There's a lot of money to be made in serving t...
Shelby | Glenwood Springs, CO | No Replies

- 8/13/2007
Glenwood Springs
Glenwood Springs..pros/ cons Pros 1. beautiful town 2. nice people 3. low crime rate ...
DF | Topeka, KS | No Replies

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