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crime in akron
Star Rating - 1/4/2016
The city is a turd hole living in Akron for forty years!
jon | Akron, OH
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- 5/6/2018
Akron from the perpective of a 23 year-old
My goodness, I had to create an account to counterbalance all the negative people. I grew ...
Chris | Akron, OH | No Replies

- 11/9/2017
what Akron was
I lived here 66-81. My home was in West Akron, and I went to Firestone High class of 74....
Michael | Houston, TX | No Replies

- 5/6/2015
A city going downhill...
I lived in Akron and other surrounding cities for 30 years and unfortunately I witnessed t...
Justin | Powell, OH | No Replies

- 10/22/2012
Akron, OH
Not going to move anytime looks pretty good compared to many places I've been in...
That Gal M | Akron, OH | No Replies

- 4/22/2010
Living in Akron Ohio
We were transplants to Akron nearly 30 years ago and it has been our home ever since. In ...
Peter | Akron, OH | No Replies

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