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Star Rating - 11/9/2017
I lived here 66-81. My home was in West Akron, and I went to Firestone High class of 74. I went back in 2015 Aug. and I was shocked to see how the town has gone down. Jobs are scare, and my old neighborhood is nothing like it was. It's so sad. Many of the families I once knew are dead or long gone. For me it's a city of ghosts, and I really wish I could come back. Akron has a great library system, parks system, and state univ. It's easy to handle the traffic, and if you can take cold winters it's not too bad. The worst part is the local economy--how people survive I don't know. I left for TX in 81, did well, but I would return but to what? The quality of the people I knew in Akron was very good compared to lots of other places I've been. Akron has low housing prices, and if they could bring jobs back, the city would prosper again. I don't see how it could happen in my lifetime unless they get a windfall of some kind.
Michael | Houston, TX
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