Review of Hattiesburg, Mississippi

A varied little flood zone.
Star Rating - 3/11/2013
Hattiesburg experiences virtually all of the extremes in weather.
The summers are hot and humid.

Fall is still pretty nasty, except for the latter part of September. The weather is absolutely perfect. It's simply impossible to complain either way, but that only lasts for a week or two.

Winters--while not comparable to say, Buffalo, NY--are still frigid. We sometimes get snow and ice; I dislike the cold, so maybe that's just my bias showing.

Spring can get uncomfortably warm, and unbearable for people with allergies. On windy days, you will definitely see pollen swirling madly about.

I've lived here for a few years and I have experienced snow and ice; hurricanes; lightning storms; insane torrential downpours; flooding; and of course, tornadoes.

If humidity and pollen aren't deal breakers, I'd advise that you be mindful of the fact that virtually all of Hattiesburg is a flood zone. There are tons of low-lying areas that readily accept falling water.
Please don't think I'm exaggerating, but it could rain moderately for only 5 or 10 minutes, and it would flood many of our streets. They would certainly still be passable, but it wouldn't be an easy task.
Mariah | Hattiesburg, MS
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