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Star Rating - 10/5/2012
I grew up in Hattiesburg but have lived in many US & Int'l cities. There is an oddity about Hattiesburg. Many of the average citizens behave cliquishly, live beyond their means and spend most of their life & efforts trying to scale a social ladder that leads nowhere. I have found their intelletual level, common-sense, logic/rational, world-awareness and ethical behavior to be far below par.

This is not a good spot to try to open a small/medium business with new concepts unless you have many years capital to sustain the business while you try to educate and urge the sheep-like consumer that it is okay to try something new.

It has been said, "You are entering Hattiesburg...Set your watches back 20 years."

I'm not sour...I just really know this town & it's people. Save yourself the greif - Choose another location to visit or live.
Abhd | Crystal Springs, MS
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