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Antifa and Homelessness, name a more iconic duo
Star Rating - 2/3/2020
Home to Antifa, what more do you need to know?
Tanner | Bend, OR
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Antifa invites you repressive rubes to suck it.
Rob Creighton | Portland, OR

What a stupid comment. ANTIFA exists (like cancer) all over America. All over the world, in fact. As a decentralized movement, there is no headquarters or "home".
Creighton | San Antonio, TX
- 2/24/2020
Pretty to visit, come with a well paying job
Come here with a well paying job lined up already and prepare for rain, but more of a mist...
Kris | Aloha, OR | No Replies

- 2/18/2020
Used to be a nice place to live
I moved into the area more than 30 years ago. Coming from the Midwest, which I thought wa...
Thomas | Happy Valley, OR | No Replies

- 2/3/2020
Portland is only for the rich now.
Unless you have a lot of money to buy a house in a good neighborhood., don't move here. Th...
Janette | Portland, OR | No Replies

- 12/14/2019
i hate it it is so stupid wouldnt recomend ...
dgfsdt | Hamlet, IN | 4 Replies

- 10/22/2019
The people are bigger drips than the rain.
Here's your weather: It's either raining, fixing to rain, or just stopped raining (for a s...
steve | Albuquerque, NM | 1 Reply

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