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Star Rating - 11/10/2019
I was born in Seattle and lived there over 60 years. Back in the 50's and 60's Seattle believe it or not was very much like Mayberry. Even into the 70's there wasn't much homelessness seen the suburbs it was mainly located in the downtown area, and in only certain downtown areas not the whole thing.Now fast forward to the 2000's and tent cities are popping up all over the suburbs. Our leave it to beaver neighborhood had tent communities showing up on sidewalks. Mailbox break ins were happening almost on a daily basis along with cars. We sold our house in 2018 and moved out of state. While on the market we had squatters twice break in and leave their needles and drug paraphernalia. Housing is definitely high we sold our tiny house for over $400k and bought a house out of state over 2,000 sq ft for under $240k. If you are a Republican it is definitely hard to share your views as Seattle being mostly Democrat. I found at least my my circle I felt I couldn't express my views without being slammed. We moved because Seattle changed. Now we live in a community of less than 40,000 people which is nice. Still not Mayberry but a lot better.
Paxton | Post Falls, ID
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I couldn't agree more with Paxton. I too grew up in Seattle, and the Mayberry comment may be a stretch, but it was a a wonderful city in which to come of age. Today it is simply a carbon copy of PDX, SFO and LAX; all "left coast sh*t hole cities." All I might add are lead by anti-law leftist democrats. Bartell (local drugstore chain much like CVS, and Walgreen) and Macy's are leaving downtown Seattle. Management has stated that they experience too much theft, and disgruntled (good) customers who must step over pools of urine and fece deposits just to enter their stores. Property crime is out of hand and the police have been told by the city leaders to look the other way. There is no law and order. Cost of living is out of sight, but so are earning. A home you can be proud of in a good neighborhood; figure $800K to well over a million dollars. Child care; (my business) infants $2700 per month, four year old pre-k's $2000 per month. Before you give any consideration to moving here, my I suggest you go to YouTube and watch "Seattle is Dying."
Roger | Kirkland, WA
- 9/15/2019
Before disagreeing, hear me out. Seattle has its fair share of problems but is by no means...
J | Seattle, WA | 9 Replies

- 8/19/2019
Read the bad reviews BEFORE you move here!
What a complete shame. We totally agree with the bad reviews. Seattle could be a great cit...
Bebe | Bellevue, WA | 7 Replies

- 7/28/2019
Once a fun & safe city degenerating into a slum
After working here for a few years, I will try to explain to everyone what is going on in ...
Trent | Lincoln, NE | 1 Reply

- 6/22/2019
As a Cajun from Louisiana state
It's a dump. It is only a city made to feed off and take from it's own people. The people ...
Ralph | Vancouver, WA | 15 Replies

- 6/18/2019
Not the city it used to be
Live in Denver but Just got back from a weekend trip to Seattle with my wife. We were atte...
Jason | Evergreen, CO | 1 Reply

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