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Review of St. George, Utah

Be Careful
Star Rating - 4/13/2008
There are at least two caveats to be aware of before settling in St. George or Utah in general: (1) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has a very strong presence in small, Utah cities and towns--the entire state, in fact, is a virtual theocracy, the small cities even more so; (2)As as happened in so many other western cities, Californians, fleeing the debacles they created in their own state, have driven up the cost of housing and the cost of living. If you have no children you will be picking up the tax tab for large families who pay virtually no federal or state income tax because of their numerous exemptions. The schools are some of the poorest in the nation. The state is extremely conservative and hawkish especially on political and social questions and is very stingy when it comes to social programs. Nothing is free in Utah so be prepared to pay through the nose. Near St. George are a number of polygamist communities which are truly ghastly. On the negative side, the upshot is this: If you're very wealthy, retired, and LDS, this is Mecca; all others beware!
On the up side: There is hardly a city more perfectly situated to the most beautiful state and federal parks. This is the ideal location for discovering the natural world and for visiting various Native American communities. If your primary focus in life is the Great Outdoors, then, This Is the Place! (Words uttered by Brigham Young when he viewed the valley in the 19th century).
Lana | Salt Lake City, UT
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hard to believe "pay through the nose" when you do not state one single item or fact. What costs so much? Groceries? nope, online store ad prices are same as most places. Gas? nope, online gas price monitoring puts it at below national average. Housing? nope, MLS sites show below average prices. So what is costing so much? Would REALLY be nice to know. Would be nice if people posted more informative comments instead of lines of negative bashing about a city.
jon | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse

The inflated housing prices, as in many places, have dropped significantly. When this post was originally written, they were incredibly inflated, on par with California prices. We are in the middle of nowhere (2 hours from Vegas, 4 hours from Salt Lake) so food and goods have to be trucked in, and are more expensive than some other places.
Marie | Washington, UT | Report Abuse
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