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Keep going West to Colorado!!!
Star Rating - 2/11/2019
I've lived here for 12 years and still struggle to fully understand the vibe here. It's somewhere between the "good 'ol boy" system and an insecure desire to be more than a big town. There is a very insecure vibe here that borders on some strange hive mentality that only the locals understand and people are very, very nosy. There are an awful lot of meatheads running around in Husker shirts too. It's real cliquey and you'll have a hard time breaking into any social circles once the local yokels find out you weren't born and bred there. They come off as "We're the friendliest place in the Midwest" but that is only true if you are from here. Save yourself grief and move to Colorado, the people there are way cooler and don't care what you do.
Steven | Lincoln, NE
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From my understanding, Nebraskans are nice if say your car were to break down on the highway. They'll help you out. But if you were to walk into a bar, people who be very nervous around you. It took me a while to understand this but I know that Lincoln and Omaha aren't like most cities. Many people who live there are only 1 to 2 generations removed from a farming community. That reinforces the small-town culture of the cities. So if you're an outsiders, it's really difficult to actually make friends there. I also don't think the niceness applies to minorities either. Lincoln is a pretty white town and many people have no friends of color nor have many meaningful interactions with them. In regards to the "good 'ol boy" system, I cannot speak on that personally but can see how opportunities for employment and social mobility might be restricted to life-long residents who have local connections.
Gregory | Bloomington, IN
- 5/7/2019
Lincoln - for a few, not for most...
I grew up in this area and attended undergrad at the University of Nebraska. I moved away ...
Stewart | Lincoln, NE | No Replies

- 2/3/2019
Don't move here if you have no connections here
I lived in Lincoln in 2018 for an internship. Overall, I wanted to like it, but ended up ...
Gregory | Bloomington, IN | No Replies

- 1/4/2019
Small City with wishful thinking
Lincoln is friendly, safe, affordable, clean and has no natural disasters. The local-ism ...
Dennis | Lincoln, NE | 1 Reply

- 10/19/2018
Meh, great if you like taxes, and scabby roads.
I've lived here for the better part of my life, 35 yrs or about. The city is in a bit of r...
D | Lincoln, NE | No Replies

- 7/24/2016
Lincoln what its like.
If your considering moving here, it's kind of like a tale of two cities. Its a nice place ...
Gale | Lincoln, NE | 2 Replies

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