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Avoid University Place development in Bradenton FL
Star Rating - 9/28/2020
Stay away from University Place in Bradenton FL (Cooper Ceek Blvd and Honore Ave.) We made the mistake of buying in this "safe" gated community according to the realtor (please vent all reators as real estate agents are extremely shady in FL) and it was far from safe. We actually had a convicted drug dealer who was openly using the house (renting) as a drug pickup location and after complaints still the HOA was afraid to do anything. And, the gates are very unsafe as anyone could get through them by saying any easy excuse like they are a mail carrier, uber etc and again the HOA was so poorly run no one fixed anything. The HOA finances were very questionable also but again due to the same people running the board and committee for so long you could not get straight answers and we now know why. Sad because kids would be running around and single ederly women living on the street whete all this unsafe activity was going on in broad daylight. Thankfully, we were able to sell but it took awhile as it seems the rumor in the area is out about safety and drug activity in this development. Hopefully it is changing but we moved out of the area down to Naples but love Florida. I am sure there are other very nice places in Bradenton and we know several people in new developments in lakewood ranch and they feel safe and love it.
Anony | Bradenton, FL
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